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Solex door locks in a 510

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If I look at my locks or ignition a little crossed eyed I can open and start my car. Does that mean I have JEDI powers or something?

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Oddly enough I ran into a guy yesterday who was asking about my 1200, he mentions that he had put these round key type locks on his truck... He has the for 45$ a set of three. Drop me a line if you want a set. I will be picking up a set for myself next week. The brand was APC i believe and I mentioned the freezing and he said a blast of WD40 on occasion keeps the water out and from freezing. I am not sure if they look exactly like this.


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i just installed a pair of these locks on my 620. the procedure was the same but i couldnt figure out how to get the "deadbolt" mechanism, as you called it, to work. i can only lock and unlock it when the door is shut. any help would be greatly appreciated

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Just installed a set of twin cam solex locks. It was fairly straight forward. This write-up should work for most of it. The stock trunk lever has to be reused and modified to fit on the solex lock. It is fairly straightforward. Are these any harder to pick than stock locks?


I remember taking in my 78 f350 to a locksmith because it had no door key when I bought it. He took a blank off the rack and a file to the parking lot. He made a key with a file within 3 min by putting the blank in the tumbler and attempting to turn it, then putting the dirt from the key onto his finger and filing it to the pattern on his finger. Hopefully this at least eliminates that chicanery. But it's not like 510 blanks are very standard issue.

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