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Freaky's new 411


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Don't remember all the info but this is what I do know it's a 66'? 411 4 door. Car is actually REALLY solid only thing we found to be missing was one heater control knob and the choke knob but everything else is there and accounted for. Including 10 lbs of Marijuana in the trunk :lol::lol::lol: ok not really any pot but we dont know as the trunk doesn't have a key.


It needs a real GOOD bath....






And what I think it should like like


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So I just got home. Thanks for going LeDevil. So Iam going to see about having a key made. yea I scored this time(thanks mom). Iam going to take a break 4 awhile and get 2 work on my projects. I will post pics when i have made some progreess. Later FREAKY

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I'll try and answer questions for you guys Freaky is with out a computer right now.


Story of the car:


We were told the guys sister bought it 20 years ago drove and parked it at their dads house left it under a Willow tree and then she passed away. So about a year ago her brother got it put it in his storage and now it's sitting in Freakys drive way. Mechanical condition is I'd bet it will run with minor work tune up, carb rebuild, new fuel lines, and new fuel car was surprisingly complete. The tags were last done in 86' it also has some cool parking permits on the bumper from 86' and i think 82'

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sorry iam going to hold on to this one. Thanks for the offer. So the key shop was closed. i can post pic as of yet(iam at a buddy house). So i washed it this morning in the rain:blink:looks nice :eek: found maybe 3 rust spots and the passanger side inner door frame on the bottom needs some help.So the plan is to strip the intior and start a deep clean. as so as i can get to the pc at work i will post up some pics.find some wheels the wife likes and lower it :lol::lol:

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my plan is to make it a daily driver out of it.I had a detail guy come bye today and he wants to try a few new products our on it woot. So after work tomarrow I am going to strip the intior out and dash well everything and power wash it. As for what's in the trunk I haven't had a key made yet and I am going to wait for ledevil to open it LOL he was like a little kid waiting to open his present LOL so maybe on Monday we will open it . As for Internet we opted for the datsun so it went bye bye . I will try to keep you all up to date on my progress. And I will see if I can get some pics up asap. So you all have a good one and please be safe out their in the northwest 3 of my negibors have flooded thank god I hve the highest house on the block lol

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