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Changing Shifter

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Need a little help:

have curved back shifter in car and have a straight up shifter that i wish to install.

Looks simple enuf, wrench slot at bottom of shifter/bolt on bottom of barrel. losened bottom bolt, notta. nothing moves? and don't want to force anything until i have some insight.


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what trans.? in or out of the car? ect?


on my Z car trannys theres a pin going threw it and the end of that has like a little C clip on it, get the clip off and the pin slides out and the shifter comes right out.

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thats why i wanted more info cuz the Z trans just has a pin and clip kinda like #18 and #19 on that pic and thats all that holds the shifter on.

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Wow that's a fairly rare tranny. It (I think) uses the removable L series bell from an early 240z tranny, or IS an early 240Z tranny. The Roadster tranny was used in them.


Here is a Roadster 5spd and it does have the A type shifter known as the 'monkey motion'.



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Yep, that's what it looks like.

Believe it's called a "Roadster Ultra Close 5 Speed" and came with the car i recently purchased.

I'm a 510/Tin Top rookie and you guys have been extreamly helpful, Thanks.

Doc Hudson

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I have a similar issue so I didn't want to start a new thread. I've got a dogleg 5-speed and the shifter is really loose/wobbley, how do I tighten that up?

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I have a similar issue so I didn't want to start a new thread...

...or search???

2 words = shifter bushing

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shifter question! not to thread jack but is the transmission 5 speed that came in the 72-73 240 desirable?

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I could be wrong, but a 5 speed option wasn't available on a Z car (in north Am.) until the '77 280z. (FS5W71B) Other 5 speeds were available from overseas where they were an option and could be imported by dealers. Again I don't have the exact story and could be, and likely are, incorrect. Roadster boxes with L bells attached were used. These were called FS5C71B if overdrive and F5C71B if 1 to1 5th gear.


FS5C71B Competition Box:



1st - 2.957, 2nd - 1.855, 3rd - 1.310, 4th - 1.00, 5th - 0.852, Rev - 2.922


Middle close - Option 1

1st - 2.678, 2nd - 1.704, 3rd - 1.262, 4th - 1.00, 5th - 0.852, Rev - 2.922


Ultra close - Option 2

1st - 1.858, 2nd - 1.388, 3rd - 1.217, 4th - 1.00, 5th - 0.852, Rev - 2.922


Option 3 ???

1st - 2.554, 2nd - 1.758, 3rd - 1.271, 4th - 1.00, 5th - 0.850, Rev - 2.922




F5C71B Race or Competition Box with 5th gear 1 to 1 ratio:


Race Transmission #1: #32010-N3220

1st-2.818, 2nd-1.973, 3rd-1.470, 4th-1.192, 5th-1.00


Race Transmission #2: #32010-N3221

1st-2.348, 2nd-1/601, 3rd-1.296, 4th-1.138, 5th-1.00


Race Transmission #3: #32010-N3222

1st-2.192, 2nd-1.601, 3rd-1.470, 4th-1.138, 5th-1.00


Rally Transmission: #32010-N3201

1st-3.321, 2nd-2.270, 3rd-1.601, 4th-1.240, 5th-1.00



I wouldn't rush out and buy one but if you have one, and it looks like this one, I would hang onto it till you know exactly what you have.




Note that the bell is removable. I'll check, but I believe there was a need for a good strong 5spd back then and the FS5W63L dogleg just wouldn't cut it. Nissan (I believe) subbed an L bell onto the roadster tranny and used that.


Again, if I have this wrong and anyone knows better I would welcome any corrections in what little I know about these trannys.

Edited by datzenmike

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yea i dont need one but the guy that does maintaince for the aptartments that i live in has a bunch of ole z parts says both 5 speeds came out of 71 or 72's and they are for sure 5 speeds, has a few radiators and an engine as well doesnt know what any of its worth but will practicly give it to me im sure.

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