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210 5 speed wanted

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Wanted: 5 speed trans for 1980 Datsun 210 to upgrade from dead 4 speed. Long road trips planned once I fix it. Not sure why but these 5 speeds  are hard to find.  Need the 60 series, I think.  Looks like the # is FS5W60A from what I read on here. Not sure what I need to do to switch to the 5 speed, but I think the bolt pattern is the same and 18 spline output should hook up and the hydraulic clutch should just be a hose. Any guidance would be appreciated. Anyway, if you have one for sale, I’m ready to buy.  Email me. Miltlauch@gmail.com. I’ll pay for  Shipping to Penna or if close enough, I can pick it up.  

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MG owners ravaged the wrecking yards for them and cleaned them out.


Through '79 the FS5W60L was used. This had a dogleg shift pattern with reverse above first and a 15.4% over drive . The FS5W60A that you want has the regular H shift pattern and an almost 19% over drive.


Best place if looking for something is in the want ads. If someone is selling that's where they'll be looking and it stays up for 30 days. In a few days this post will be buried 5 pages back.


https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/   When finished filling the want ad out don't hit the COMPLETED button.

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Last year i bought a whole 210 wagon just for the 5speed and it was one of the very few,  cheap enough to afford.  If it matters i live on northwest coast , where there used to be a million of these things driving around , what seems like,, just few years ago.

    it will eventually cost me even more,  because i will send it off to be rebuilt for good measure. 


Not For Sale ,, just saying






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Came with matching doors but traded that to a buddy for his grand-daughters car.





after ,, but before filled with more scrap 






good luck,  you are probably going to have too open that wallet up to about $1200. before shipping,  for a unknown condition one. 








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