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2 Z's $4500 Richland WA


For Sale: (1) 1971 Datsun 240 Z AND (1) 1972 Datsun 240 Z. That's right I have two early 70's Datsun Z cars. Both are complete plus the package includes:

2 extra motors

2 extra transmissions

2 extra differentials

Extra drive and half shafts

2 doors

1 hatchback

1 extra dash complete with instrumentation

An extra set of interior panels

2 extra seats.

Plus a boat load more that I just can't remember. Basically I bought three of them but one was so rusted out I just stripped everything that wasn't bent or rusted off of it for back up parts. I haven't done a thing with them for over five years and have lost interest. $4500 or best offer. Jake 509-946-1715


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I've been window shopping this evening and came across a few goodies...........


First one. This one kinda hurts. Can it be saved?



Second one. Looks like a pretty nice 620. Eugene area. Oregon?

You northwest homeboys should maybe go take a look.



Third one. This guy has to be a Ratsun member. Anyone know? This truck is too cool!



Fourth one. This one looks neat--in a NASCAR kinda way. Price seems high though.



Fifth one. Flat black 620. Seattle area. Ratsun guy?



Man, the coolest stuff is always too far away..............:( :( :( E

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hehe this is bad ass




Datsun Vintage Dealership Sign - $400 (Sacramento , CA)


Vintage 1970's Datsun "Parts and Service" Dealership sign from Chicago.

Made by American Sign Industires incorparated.

It has 3 Flurescent bulbs that run from side to side

and lights up beutifully and bright ^_^

Plugs into regular wall sucket in your home and

original white cord and all other screws and hanger

loops are intact to hang or display on your wall.

Size is about 50 x 20 x 8 inches.


Price is $400 or Best Offer plus shipping via

FedEx or UPS.

Located in Sacramento, CA.

Please give me a call at 530-301-1562 if you

like to know more.

Thyanx ~Z~

Great for owners of 240Z 260Z 280Z 510 or 350Z 370Z and

Nissan Skyline R35 .


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sweet 74 710 coupe in Birmingham AL. 600! this would be mine, if i hadn't just bought the crown. but really why do i need this and a b210?



NICE! I think I'd rather have a 710 than a 210 so I say sell that 210!! Heh there is a guy who's been trying to sell a mint 710 around here for a while for $7000!


Based on casual observation I'd say this is rarer than a 210. Especially being a 710 coupe!

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NICE! I think I'd rather have a 710 than a 210 so I say sell that 210!! Heh there is a guy who's been trying to sell a mint 710 around here for a while for $7000!


Based on casual observation I'd say this is rarer than a 210. Especially being a 710 coupe!



i kinda like it better too, but i'm on thin ice with my wife right now about old cars. i could sell my b210 for much more than 600 and really make the 710 nice. but no go, at least i got the crown! your talking about the blue 710 right? it has those awesome bumpers that this one doesn't. also an auto, i guess the 710 was the more luxurious coupe. hence-autos. there is no way i could swing another trip for a car. a non-runner at that! i now own 6 cars, plus the wifes ride.

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WOW! What a great wife to let you get to 6! My wife loves old cars, and still doesn't want me to go past 3, one of which is hers. THough she'd let me buy her a VW ghia, cause she had one in highschool!


Yup I am talking about hte blue one. Beautiful car! But when you get in the 7K range there are alot of other options out there!

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yeah she is really cool, but i did promise to sell the 620 for the crown. i love that truck but it's a regular cab and i'm 6"3. i didn't think about that to much while Building it. of course it was in good shape and only cost 100 bucks so i can turn a huge profit on it! it's easily a 2 grand truck now{maybe more since i'm in the south!} and i have about 500 into it. 2 of my cars are altimas, which one will be hers, since i hate her Buick so much. i'm dying to get her in a nissan!

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Runs fine just needs radiator put back in and a new lower radiator hose.

has brake problems. they don't leak but they wont hold pressure. Its not pretty there are dents and rust but it is 30 years old. Theirs a lot of original parts. New drive line no canopy and its now mostly painted black and there is a new cowl on it and has A/C. will need a trailer to take her home. there are also new seats in it

call and ask for Matt





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