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They will be up on CL soon, taking pics today. Cheeeeeeep! Located in Fillmore, ca. Also have 15 z cars to sell for cheap. ALL MUST GO!


Is this the return of the 15+ z-cars from California that wouldn't sell on eBay because they were so overpriced?

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Yup, I guess it is. I'm not the original guy selling them. I've been up there and have taken a ton of pictures. They all definitely need work, but they all have to go, so if you think they were overpriced, then make an offer.


Here are some ads I posted so far.








If anyone needs parts, he's parting them out too. Just send me a shopping list.

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Is the guy Erik the one who own the property? Not to be a bitch or anything but I have spoke with him a few times, met him down at a cars and coffee event around Valley Circle, and it seemed like he wouldnt even give me the time of day.


He says he is trying so hard to sell this stuff, but he is quite rude. I didnt even return his phone call when he asked why I didnt come by. I ended up having to take my friend down to LAX and asked him what time to come by, he acted like I was interupting him on the phone and said to come around 3, which I told him was the time I needed to LEAVE by because my friends flight left around 6, so I had to get him to LAX by like 4.


If I can come check out the place and work with YOU about it, not this Erik guy, give me a call and I'll stop by this weekend while I'm running all around southern cali lol.


Cool. Yeah, I think he got sick of people not showing up, got kind of irritated at the situation as he lives an hour away from where all the cars are. So chick from the z club in santa barbara said she'd take all of them, but he never ehard back from her. He called me a few time when i was first on my way out there to make sure i was coming and when i was late, I ended up waiting in front of his house for like a half hour. I guess i'd get frustrated too in that situation, so i'm trying to help him out. I think he'll cut me a deal for an old GMC pickup he's got there, so I can haul my own cars around.


I'd be happy to meet you up there sometime, I guess we can't go up on the weekends for some reason, I've been going up there after work. Would we be able to meet up there during the week? I'll give you a tour. No lie that they all need a good deal of work.


I know what you mean about driving around socal...my weekends are usually spent driving around out pulling old cars out of the desert. Now i have 12 cars that i don't have time to work on b/c i have two jobs. hahah.

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MUCH better pricing. :)

that 280ZX is not a 2+2 as the description says. 2+2 would be one with a rear seat. (4 passenger)


Just curious, do these cars have titles?



Cool, it does actually have a rear seat. I have alot of pictures of that car. I love cars, just don't know much about datsuns....the more I learn, the more i like em though. I pulled a 73 1800 wagon off a mountain (no shit) for 200 bucks and am now stripping it down and evicting the various rodentia that had taken up residence. Got it to run and drive though. not bad. 'Cept it was 175 bucks for the rear lenses. Yikes!


Not sure about titles. The deal with all these cars is that this Eric guy had a tenant who owned a z shop. Z shop didn't pay rent for two years, so when they closed, he got all the cars. He says he's got about 200 motors sitting somewhere in a warehouse too. I haven't asked him about keys or paperwork yet, I'll see what he says.

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Might have been an exaggeration, I don't remember exactly what he said.


I know, its tough for me to get there with more than an hour or two of light left (its an hour for me too). I'll ask him about weekends, I'd much rather come up then too.


Ok, just spoke with him. Weekends are ok, he has titles for some not all, will provide bill of sale and I can send over VIN and plate numbers to make sure they are clear of fees and not stolen.

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