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I actually contemplated picking it up. Its local to me, and although I like Roadsters, Im too young to own/appreciate them... so if I did have one, Im sure I would modify it in a style that would get me thrown out of the Roadster community. I figured this CL one would be perfect because I really couldnt ruin it more than it already was. Its pretty cheap, but I think it would depend on the condition of the engine to make it worth it to me. 

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Corrected links posted below the corresponding email address.





Fair warning...6x6x6 620



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I really hope this isnt any Ratsuners ad... because youre an idiot:



I second that, who lied to this mofo I've seen them range from $85 for all 4 if your lucky or $150 at the most, they better suck me and fuck me for $600 lolz.

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