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Rims...post what you have & had

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So These are packed and on their way to me.... scored big time! Got them in the Philippines. Guy was a cool cat too. As you can tell. Lol


I'd be hard pressed to believe there's more than a hand full of them in the States. Probably only a couple... anyone know?



Free kitty
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Not quite fancy new custom wheels, but I'm broke! So I decided to give the old 14" steel wheels a make over with D21 Hardbody centercaps, chrome Nissan decals, chrome lug nuts, chrome valve caps, and some chrome trim rings.


Wow! What a difference!





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Nice score Steve. What are the specs?

How hard is it to find 2 more in similar specs?


only 14x6.5 (unknown offset) id say +5-10ish

Umm theres another pair with a buy it now price thats been up for ages, a little more then id wanna pay, but might send through an offer on them just to make a set. 

Debating what to do with these, not too many 5 stud cars can run 14" wheels so contemplating step up lips to go to 15s and widen them to 8s or 9s 

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Scored these tonight-






Something a little different, 5 stud Star Sharks! Ive bid on a few lots of these over the year, but these are the 1st I've managed to win!


What's up with the battery in the valve stem?

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What's up with the battery in the valve stem?


Its just sitting on the flat section of lip.

Its to show the amount of dish, 1st time I've seen a battery used haha usually its always a packet of smokes!


These also came today!






Was perfect timing for them to arrive as I've almost finished the lips on the 16x8.5-8 Impul meshies! Just have 2 more compounds/buffing wheels to go!




Need to start selling some wheels though! This is my garage at the moment! The boxes at the front are the BBS RS's and theres more wheels under the back of the celica, another set behind the tower of wheels on the bench




Should be renting space in a mates workshop soon, so will be good to have some space back and not to have to work around this mess! ahha

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Its just sitting on the flat section of lip.

Its to show the amount of dish, 1st time I've seen a battery used haha usually its always a packet of smokes!



Well, darn! I was kinda hoping you'd found some cool new valve stem caps that looked batteries!

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Ever growing goodness Steve.

Is there a chance for you to confirm if the SSR FM face fits in the Pro Mesh barrel or visa versa?

I want to know if I have options if I damage my Pro Mesh lips and/or barrels. And several others want yo know too. Would be cool to confirm this.


Unfortunately I only have 16" Pro mesh and 15" reverse SSR mesh, and 14" Formula Mesh coming so none in the same Diameter to swap faces and test. Would be handy to know tho! There are some 14" Impul Pro meshies Im tempted to buy just to steal the caps as they're the screw on / split pin type which I need!

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Scored these this morning-






I've been eyeing them off for a while now, and seller has been slowly dropping the price, so i finally caved and ordered them.

not great specs- only 14x6.5+11 but the price I got them for is what most people would pay for the caps alone, so I wont complain haha

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I just picked up, or I should on the way: (2) 14x7 0 and (2) 14x7.5 -6 SSR MKlll on YAJ for $690.00 shipped. Seems like I'm back on track with getting rims/parts from Japan. :) I'll post pics later.


Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to get tires hahaha

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Finished Cleaning the sharks up! Was going to run them on my carry van but want something rarer so sold them haha






Hav'nt had much luck on the auctions lately but did win these-




13x7+7 so match with the 13x6.5+-0 I got the other week =)

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