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Rims...post what you have & had

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Saw those on eBay. Thought they were sweet as fuck at a great price. But 13's are way too small for me (due to brakes)

I'm thinking about going to 13s. Eyeballing a specific set lately... We will see.


Hopefully they fit ZXs. If not I'll just go back to stock. I'm only running a stock L20.

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Few of my latest Wheels to arrive-






SSR Casablana 8's-

14x6.5 Haven't measured offset yet





More SSR Star Formula's

14x7 Haven't measured offset yet were listed as +-0 




SSR Mk1's-

13x8 +-0



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Just got to match up them Jilbas, Casablanca's and MKI's and 2 extra Star Formulas amd you got 7 complete sets of awesome.

Nice collection.

You got any 15" rims?


I have another pair of Jilbas on the way ;) should be here in a week or so. Also have another pair of phantoms coming, so now I need another pair to make 2 full sets haha


Im selling a mate a the set of formulas without the tyres, as he really really really wants them for his mark 2 corona, so I gave in and said he can buy them once I polish them ad re-paint them. So I really do need another pair so I have a set again, but the only ones on Yahoo atm are a few pairs of 13s, and one pair of 14x6 +18 which is a bit small for my likings haha


Im keeping an eye out for more casablancas but they dont pop up often and I want 13x9/10/11" mk1s to fit some semi slicks I have to run on my datto with flares, probs a little crazy and ambitious but would be something different haha


But hopefully Ill finish my collection one day, there is a lot more wheels I want, just need to find them haha


And nah, I dont really buy 15s as they're a bit too big for my ta22 and 120Y, I like 13s on the Datto and 14s on the Ta22, plus the price difference from 14s to 15s a fairly high.

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I feel stupid for asking this.... But I've had some major surgery, I haven't been on for about a year and my 510 is in storage. I don't remember the max offset I can go, and the bolt patter of my 69' 510 :( can someone help me out please. I would appreciate it.

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So the last few weeks I've been working on some wheels to sell to a mate. After over 20 hours of paint stripping, polishing, air brushing the centers ect this was the end result. 












and this was what one pair stared as-








Bit of a difference, and my mate was stocked when he saw them haha 

now I just need to do 20 more wheels to get the rest looking like that! 

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stalked this car for a week after i saw it being dropped off at picknpull arlington


ended up grabing what i wanted off it 14x7 enkei 92s for 100 bucks


they have some curb damage need to have them repaired anyone recomend someone in the everett wa area?

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The Longchamp bit is a pet peeve of mine. I guess its not their fault that people dont know about 30yr old rims... but it gets on my nerves a bit. 


Because nobody except us at ratsun cares about 30 year old rims. And fanboys are dumb as hell.

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I do know after time and with hard use alloy wheels can work harden and become dangerous.


I had a friend break the center out of his right front during a race (it was a magnesium Minilight). He went hard right into the wall on a one mile oval. Fortunately his 710 was the only thing hurt (and pretty badly). It is tough to drive around behind the pace car not know if he is OK.


Old alloy wheels are often cool looking but it is hard to judge condition without doing some serious type of inspection, (Zyglo, magnaflux or X-ray) to check for cracks. Just visual inspection may not be enough.


Did you know powder coating wheels can mask cracks? JWL(sp?) and DOT certification rules do not allow powder coating by the manufacturer.

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WOW! Are those yours man?


I did a little research on them but obviously I still dont know much about them, I guess the Formula 1 team made wheels at one time? Those are really awesome wheels though. That is my new goal for my 910 project, a set of those.

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I wish, funny though that member T.Redgrave bought the same exact ones I was looking at since a friend pointed them my way and his buddy sold them to T.Redgrave. Good luck man these seem to be the only existing wheels of its kind in the states at least.



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