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Rims...post what you have & had

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280ZX Turbos



i love thouse wheels i think the best stock nissan wheel in 4 lug


The wagons:




i want thouse slots on the wagon!!!

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thought id post what my dad has had on his 2 door since my old 510 didnt get any good ones.



BBS RS 16x9 and 16x8 were mocked up to build the suspension for a while but scrapped the idea because he wanted wider


5zigen FN10RC 17x10 and 17x9 was what it we eventually built it for but were stolen when our shop got broken into. Now they are unavailable in that color so hes been wheel shopping now.


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I have a hard time deciding which rims to run. I like them all!:blink:


Rollin the 14" stockers



15" Chrome pathys



present 15" Frontiers


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Those are my best junkyard find ever! Not a scratch or a ding on 'em,



lol same with my snow flakes, i pulled them off the same car i ripped my L28et out of and they just needed the old yellowing clear blasted off them

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If I go much lower than what I'm at currently, I'd need to do some heavy rolling and possibly a small pull to tuck without rubbing hard. Here are a few more shots of fitment. I have 280zx struts up front and nothing but blocks in the back.






And to keep this thread on topic, here is my other set of wheels. The typical Snowflakes in gold:



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these where on my 2 door when i bought it



here is my 2nd 510 with my first pair of mesh wheels 8 years a go



here is my 4 door with a pair of oscam racing wheels on it (I liked those wheels they where so light)



here is my car with my 60 dollar 5 stars i bought them for the tires .



and here it is with my meshies i have had for 8 years that used to beon my 2 door



( Any one know what kind of wheels they are ?)




i have a couple more sets of wheels but i need to take pics of them

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Do you still have these?

Lug pattern?

The slots (never got to run these)




Best looking 6 lug wheels I have ever seen.


My JDM ice....



As for my Z wheels,

Vintage, uber rare staggered set of 14x8, 14x9 Performance Specialties 5 slot mags:P1000455.jpg


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Ultra 15x7 5 star's on my first 510. I love the way these look.



280ZX 14x6 6 spokes. These came on my current 510.



Current wheels on my 510. Hoshino IMPULS 15x6.5. I fuckin love these!! Those center caps are steel!


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