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Pacific coast Datsun

Rims...post what you have & had

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Ok im curious to see how many sets of rims you guys have for your ride. I currently have 3. The stocks w/ hubcaps..........


the 13 x 7 Libres.........


some 13 x 5 Center line look-a-likes...


the 14 x 6 ZX rims...


& 2 13 x 5 Libres..may end up as wall art :D


Anyways lets see em..before & after's are always good too :cool:

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1215081309a.jpg currently runnin the chrome pathys used to have 100 spoke dayons and old school stockys with wide whites

Someone give this man some lessons in image resizing and compression! :D

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I was thinking more along the line of since this is in the 510 section, not trucks...but :rolleyes: it's still on a ratsun so I'll let it slide haha.

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I have a set of 15x8 -12 Hayashi's. Unknown model, I've never seen anything like them before. But they look pretty classy on a 510!



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not a 510 but it is technicly a bluebird so here is my 610 i ran the stock hubcaps for a while currently running konig theroies i want a set of sloted mags though



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started out with the chrome things (ugly IMHO)


then the 20" chrome things (ugly in EVERY ONES opinion)


then the 4 spoke X-terra wheels, (not to shabby)


then the titans :D (best wheel nissan ever made)


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On the 280ZX, I started with the original 14x6 star wheels. Then got these 15x7 +0 Enkei wheels. Black centers for a while, then I stripped the paint.



MB EXE II 18x8 +38 with 45mm 4 to 5 lug adaptors




this 1983 280ZX turbo has 1983 280ZX turbo wheels! :eek:


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i always seem to have 2-3 sets for each car i have. it's an obsession i think. but for the b210 i only have 2.

stock honeycombs


and the snowflakes, which i think are perfect for it. need low-pro's but it will do for now


for my 620 i have stockers with moon caps


15" frontiers


i also have 2 sets of titans! 18" 5 spokes and 17" steels painted black. funny thing, 4 sets of wheels for the 620 and nothing can beat the look of the stockers for me. thats a first!

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Is that -12 on the rear too??? What size tires? nice


Yeah, they're a -12 offset all around. The front fit under stock fenders, but my stock fenders were HAGGARD! Plus, I'd like to find a way to flare the rear without pulling a fabrication muscle... I THINK that the tire size is a 205/50, with a slight stretch, obviously... But I'd have to run out there, we might have done a 195/50. Thanks, by the way!

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13X7 libres(clones) on the sedan and a spare ARE set


14X6 slotted mags on the goon and a set of 6-spoke that will likely replace them...dunno yet.

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I like the stock vented ones, here is my spare tire rim since it gets most of the beating from the rocks, before and after blasting then on the 620. I'm going to look for some Titans or Frontiers next year.


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I have some 13's off a B210 and a $5 set of swapmeet caps and a set of 14x6 Sendel (fake MiniLites). In the pic I only have 2 stock centers. I have since made centers out of PVC...Ratsun style.



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You've gotta be running 280zx struts up front to fit those 0et 15x7s... Right??

Correctomundo! Forgot to add that.



Oh, and Wagdatto, you got any pics showing the rear fitment? You got me all riled up with the thought of negative offset on the back... I'm rubbing with 7.5 and +17.

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The wagons:



The slots (never got to run these)



The Blazer steels:



My JDM ice....



What I'll be rollin when its SR'd:





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those are what I want - I think they'd go great on my '80.


Those are my best junkyard find ever! Not a scratch or a ding on 'em, got 'em for $70 if I remember right, with near new tires! :lol:

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