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5 dolla datsun stuff! everything. take it. please.

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stock square-port exhaust manifold -

down draft intake manifold -

gage cluster bezel -

1 pair of aftermarket side mirrors -

1 rear view mirror -

1 passenger side door handle -

1 universal window roller -

1 rear door ash tray

1 hood pop unit -

1 rear door panel -

510 oil pan -

Nissan OHC valve cover -

automatic tranny flexplate -

(2) cam gears -

1 nikki fuel pump for an L series -

used L series clutch kit WITH LIFE! -

random head bolts -

other random engine parts -

L18 block -

L16 block -

(both need cleaning)

510 4-speed transmission

210 (stock L16) head -


need all stuff gone. smaller things i'll just give away, i don't even care. i need it all gone though. or else i'm scrapping it.


call me, 425-770-6876

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aight kids, i've already dropped the prices on everything. i'm freakin pretty much handing you gold here! :D just come get it! i can't always get to a computer, so calling me would be the best thing to do. 425-770-6876. as for the interior parts, it is all from 510's. sorry 620 guys.


please come get it? toss me a wee bit of dough. if you can :rolleyes: i need a little to toss towards my ka project. oh, once i pull my engine i'm going to be selling that too. as well as a full set of 4-door door panels, and seats from an 85 sentra that fit really nice. engine is a rebuilt, bored 3 over L16 with a w53 peanut [pretty much same as a87], weber 32/36 and a dogleg 5speed. full exhaust too if you want. sounds great, 2.5 most of the way back. minus the resonator.

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i might be interested in a few things. clutch, L18 block, head, fuel pump and trans(if it would fit in my 620)


If it's a 510 4spd it should fit a '73 620. Measure yours for length... should be 26" for it to fit.

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bumpppppp. BUY MY STUFF!


and if you want it, i'm pretty much giving it all away anyways, please don't ask me to drive to meet you. My license is currently suspended, so i can't really drive.



i assume this happened after you were supposed to meet me a couple of weeks ago on those parts......

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