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Oops could have been worse


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Me and my brother were just screwin around in our high school parking lot with other guys that are into cars (drifting and chillin to music) and someone has an idea to go race down 212 which is a highway that's close to use and so we all go down and we win a couple and we loose a couple (my brother just got a 76 280z and) we lost to a s2000 but it was his daddy's car aubiously and we beat a acura rsx-s and a GTI and then we go up to blockbusters and i see one of my buddies that i've been friends with for a while and he was the one who got me into small trucks (he has a 2007 yota v6 supercharged) and we went back down to 212 and raced (we lost twice =[ my brother's first week owning the car so he's not very familiar with it) and then we came home for a bit and took off down to taco bell on 82nd and on the way out we roast our tires and i look back and there's a cop flippin a bitch and i told my brother "Shit bro look what's behind us" and there was a cop that followed us all the way down 212 and we turned to go up my street and the cop pulled up next to us and just kinda gave us a weird look and then went the other way... i was gunna shit my pants but i guess cops arent all that bad

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I hear ya. Sometimes things turn out alright. I had a new '70 muscle car and pulled a few moves only to find a cop was sitting in a parking lot. He follows me and my ass was so tight that if you shoved a lump of coal up there it would have been turned into a diamond. As soon as there was room I pulled over. Now the cop can only do one of two things. Pull in behind me and give me grief or keep going. Maybe he hasn't quite made up his mind, or maybe he's waiting for you to make a traffic mistake he can ticket you for. Maybe he only heard the tires and is just sniffing around, but sure as shit he'll find something wrong if you let him follow you long enough.


He knew the area and figured you were going home and decided to fish somewhere else. Maybe he owned a 280 back in the day, maybe he was young once and remembers.

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