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200sx ignition

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New to the Forum.  I did not see a specific 200SX category so I hope that this is in a good place


looking for some help/advice regarding my '77 200sx. I had a duplicate key made and tried it in the ignition. It got stuck in the ON position and would not come out. After serious wiggling and pulling it finally did but the switch is stuck in ON position and the original key no longer turns the switch. I have tried WD-40 in the switch with no luck so far. Any other tricks?
My next step would be to remove the assembly and take it all to the locksmith.  It is such a tight spot I thought I would drop the steering column.  Do I need to remove the support bracket and loosen the connection at the firewall inside the cabin?   I hesitate to remove all the dash moldings since they are so brittle.
AND,  are there any other Datsun models that would have an interchangeable ignition assembly?
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You should be able to remove the two piece plastic 'clam shell' around the column and access the switch.




The ignition switch is bolted to the column with special bolts that are necked down and when over tightened at the factory snap the heads off so they are not easily removed as an anti theft device. I used a hack saw but in ca,r a Dremel would be easier. Cut a slot for a screw driver and remove them




Rather than replace them I reused them, why not??


E bay might have replacements.

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