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someone blew up my bank, cool


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idk but I cant even get to the store. the local market in donald (these small towns all mesh together so its the same basic place) got robbed the other night, and there was a guy walking down main with a gun robbing ppl.



we just uped the level to compton ghetto, sweet :mellow:



makes me want my concealed weapons licence even more, only 6 more months untill my 21st

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My mom goes to church with the woodburn police chief. hes currently in crit. condition as the news said and the police woulnt conferm the death but one officer is dead, i dont have a name.


Hes already lost a leg and right now there fighting to save his other. the guys got kids so pray for their familys

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If the cop would've left the package in the bushes and called the bomb squad this wouldn't of happened. He picked up this mysterious package and took it into the bank and BOOM! They said that he DID die. Sorry for his family especially around the holidays........


Here's my little heater. lol


looks like a real gun doesn't it? but, its really a pellet gun :D


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