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Whos truck is this?


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Yeah, that would be the figbucker. :cool:


I read almost all the posts every day and for the most part I don't have anything intellegent to add to the conversation. I post a couple times a week for the most part.


I'm so freakin' broke that I can't even pay attention.


I wish I could say that I was getting lots of stuff done on my truck but all the next projects take money. I had a real fucked up thing happen a couple months ago. I checked the oil and shut the hood. I hear it click. Then two blocks down the street it comes up and creams the hood, valance both windshield wipers! :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:


So, it took me a few months to cherry out and paint my spare hood and valance. Big setback energy wise. At least it didn't break my new winshield. :fu::fu:


I know it looks kinda dorky but until I do the disk brake conversion, I just don't have the time to mess with lowering it. I got to finish the interior, rewire a bunch of stuff. I just got around to making an L20 radiator work in the L16s core support that doesn't have the bump out like the later trucks. I got new hoses and heater hoses. I even went through a whole trip at Beaverton Nissan where I ordered two new neoprene grommets for where the heater hoses penetrate the firewall. I can't believe some of the shit they can order.


I pulled the heater and installed a new shutoff valve, cleaned the heater core really well, oiled the motor so the bearings don't whine anymore and I made all new foam gaskets and adjusted the doors so they open and close properly. I love Datsun heaters.


Little by little I'm getting little stuff working right. it is so nice to drive in the rain. Defroster works, wipers work work great on the new windshield. I didn't have front turn signals for like ten years and my high beams and low beams were backward. It such a good feeling to drive and have everything work right. I drive it about fifteen miles every day.


A couple weeks ago my electric choke started acting up. I rebuilt the stock carb about forty five thousand miles ago, so I wasn't really surprised, but it still sucked. I look on craigslist and there is a guy selling the same carb. I called him and he was in his office two blocks down the street. He brought it over to my shop. He said it got pulled from a '73 620 when it was brand new and replaced with a Weber. He said the truck got stolen 22 years ago and this carb has been sitting in his garage in the Weber box. :lol:


$35, and he gave me a new airfilter in a box too. I bolted that thing on and tweaked the choke and idle screws. It starts and runs great. I still got so much crap to do.

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yeah I'm looking at a truck over in medford it's 800 bucks but he's gunna go down a bit because there's a crack in the front windshield http://medford.craigslist.org/ctd/956419434.html


but then i saw this




and was gunna look at that.

i'd rather get the 620 but if the z is in good shape i know i can get more money out of it

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