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510 - NOS Stainless Steel Door Belt Moldings for sale

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Hey guys, I dug these out for someone that wanted a set but he didn't come through with the purchase so I thought maybe someone here would be interested.


These are the Stainless steel molding that holds the outer rubber squeegee on a 2 door. They are brand new old stock in the Nissan packaging. The still have the black protective plastic film on them. The rubber squeegees come attached to them.



Parts numbers are:


80820-N1601 Driver side


80821-N1601 Passenger side




NOS_Door_moldings_001.jpg This is a picture of my 2 door showing the part we are talking about.


NOS_Door_moldings_003.jpg Brand New NOS Door Moldings still in the nissan bags



Moldings have a black plastic protective film on them from the factory



Back side of molding showing rubber squeegee attached.




These are very rare. The almost never show up for sale. Last set I saw sold on eBay about 6 months ago for $300 so since I am in the hoilday spirit, $250 for the pair (firm) plus shipping.


I will accept Paypal or Money Order as payment. If you plan on using Paypal, You will need to cover the paypal fees and you must have a confirmed paypal address or I will not accept Paypal.


If they are not gone soon, I will put them on eBay so don't wait if you want them.


PM me if you want to buy them

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