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Show me your Shift Knob

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This ones a bit old school...

Ran this first with my 4 spd...



When I swapped to a 5 spd I need a new one as the other was pinned into the shift arm and not threaded...


Went to this...




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6 minutes ago, six2ohyea said:

The second one looks cool! How did that first one feel? I shift with my hand upright can’t imagine shifting like that 

It wasnt bad, felt like my automatic with more choices..... it was close enough to me so I wasnt reaching for a shift...

I do prefer the new one, I think they call it a pistol grip... 

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Here is mine,Same old knob but different boot.I had a Hurst shifter on my 69 Chevelle back in 1976.Sometimes this site lets me down load my pics from my computer from my Kodak easy share Library and sometimes it don't.Then I have to load them on my Imgur.com site and use the URL to send them here.i Don't use my phone cause when I send them to Imgur.com,it won't load them,it use to.My Kodak camera stamps the date on my picture's better than any phone camera.I have a Samsung Android S21 Utra phone that cost way too much,but it is almost paid for.My Kenwood will change to about 20 different color's.I am using Aqua,My favorite color...Believe it or not.I have 7604 pictures and video's stored in my Kodak easy share library since 2010.ImCEAwa.jpg

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