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LZ22 Piston Ring Source and maybe a machine shop


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Over the past week my car had been smoking a lot. It was blowing smoke out of the breather on the valve cover. For the past few weeks I had noticed an excessive vibration when the engine was under load. It only happened if I was in 5th and accelerating around 4K RPM. If I accelerated slowly I didn't get the knock. So I thought there was just something loose on the engine. I couldn't find anything.

On Saturday I decided I should check my valves. I had been meaning to for a while. I adjusted them to .007-.008 on intake and .009-.010 on exhaust. I had seen those numbers in a few posts so I went with them. I then did a compression test and was very disappointed and bummed out.

#1 cylinder - 180 PSI

#2 cylinder - 100 PSI

#3 cylinder - 120 PSI

#4 cylinder - 180 PSI

I poured a little oil into #2 and #3 and rechecked the compression. Both cylinders shot up to around 220 PSI.

So I figure I at a minimum need new rings. I still need to start taking the engine apart to see if there is any additional damage to the cylinders and pistons. I am worried that the sound I was hearing was rod knock.

My plan is to try and do everything with the engine in the car for now. I don't have a hoist or a stand. I need to do all my steering linkage, so I can remove all that and probably the front cross member. Then I can drop the pan to get to the rod bolts.

I just don't know where to get a good quality set of rings from. And if I need to get the cylinder cleaned out where to take my engine too.

Anyone have any recommendations for the OC area in California? It would be nice and convenient if there was someplace close to Brea, CA. But I can transport the engine.

Whats a good source for the rings and maybe pistons?



1972 Datsun 510-Engine 26.jpg

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Local engine machine shop. There has to be one near you, and they can source the parts for the motor for you. They have access to parts that aren't easily found online.


For your type of rebuild, I would suggest Hastings "sprayed chrome" rings. They break in fast, but are better than standard cast rings. I'd stay away from chromoly rings as they can take forever to break in.

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220 PSI????? Just how much oil did you pour in????


Low adjacent cylinders could simply be the head gasket is blown between them. 2&3 is common as head warpage is maximum in the middle. Not saying your head is warped but check this when head is off. I think you'll simply find the gasket is blown here.

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