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302 swap

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I think I'm gonna do a 302 swap. I'm buying a 302 with a 5 speed  Driveshaft and rear axle out of a 4x4 93 f150 for 500 bucks. I'm not 100% sure on it yet but what should I think about. What all will need to be done. I know v8 720s are rarely completed projects but it would be super cool to have a 720 that isn't super slow

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I assume that’s a divorced transfer case on that 150, otherwise you’re going to have to have a different transmission. Also if it’s a hydraulic clutch you should be ok, as far as the clutch is concerned. That 150 rear end is way to wide for a 720. Anything can be done with enough skill. 

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No, the divorced t-case was dropped in the 1960s. A '93 F150 has a driver drop Borg Warner t-case.


The stock Ford 5 speed is a rather long Mazda transmission and may pose some fitment problems. Luckily, the shifter is pretty far forward on the trans case, so it may come up into the tunnel at a good spot. Though you may have to cut/bend the shifter to clear the dash.


Are you using the 4x4 trans and t-case? Or just the 4x4 rear axle? Either way, that's a wide axle. I'd keep the stock rear axle, or find a D44 out of an Isuzu.

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