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15" Tire Size Fitment Lowered and Stock Height


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What common ( cheap ) 15" tires fit without trouble on normal width & offset 15" rims? I'm thinking of 195 60 15" for lowered and 215 70 15" for stock height. I'm not worried about speedometer error. Price of the tires is a big factor. '78-'79 620 KC 2WD in Florida for now.

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 195 60 15 is 24.2"

215 70 15 is 26.85"


Lowering by tire size isn't really a thing. The difference is a little over an inch and a half gain in drop. Keep the stock tire diameter of near 26". You want cheap? try tires from a wrecking yard. I got a set of 4 that were barely two years old and the nubs weren't worn off.   




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I should have written that differently. I didn't mean to lower the truck by tire size changes. I was wondering if 195 ish 60 15s will fit a moderately lowered 620 without rubbing. Same thing with the 215 ish 70 15s for stock height. I'm buying a 620 far out of state and driving it back. It's got 15s and I'm thinking of buying new tires for the trip back.  

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I was running 195/60/15's for a while with speedline 15x6" zero offset wheels for a trailer. They fit no problem and no rubbing. I ended up changing them when I scored some 16" Isuzu wheels.


I still have pics about halfway thru my build thread.

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