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620 KC carpeting


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I'm looking for fitted black carpeting for my 77 620 King Cab. Is anyone making direct replacement carpet, or for those of you that have the same truck, what have you found that is close and will work with a little cutting or modification?

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720 KC is what I put in my 620 KC. Once fitted over the hump there is 3-4" hanging outside the doors. This I trimmed and covered with the sill plates. It is heavily padded on the underside and the gas pedal and clutch won't work properly unless you peel some of the padding off the back side on the area that is reinforced against foot and heel wear under the pedals. There's more than you need so I stuffed it as far up under the heater as I could. I think I had to cut two small slits for the seat belt anchors. Definitely have the seats out for this. I was amazed how much quieter the truck was. 

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Mike, thank you for the detailed explanation. I've seen 720 KC carpet for sale so that's the route I'll go. Did you end up using any Fatmat or other underlayment or was it just unnecessary with the carpet padding?

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Hell no I had to pull some of the padding off!!! It's layered textile threads. I really liked the pads under the pedals and there's another reinforced spot there your gas pedal foot rubs the transmission tunnel. IIRC there is a separate part for behind the seats. Had to cut a hole for the 620 console support, I think the shifter hole lined up but if cutting a new one the console covers it anyway.  

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I bought carpet for my 620 from Ardvark motors - made for a 720.

I think it was a mistake to get the "mass backing" option ($75), tho I'm not positive what the regular carpet is like.

So the carpet had a heavy rubber backing that was formed to fit the tunnel and other floorboard features.

Other than just trying to wrestle with the rubber, the main problem was that the tunnel shape was way bigger than the 620 tunnel.

I had to add different materials between the tunnel and the carpet to take up the space so it would appear to be a snug fit.

And that was on top of the B-quiet matting installed.

Overall, it did require a lot of cutting and use of a heat gun to reform the rubber backing to fit/lay flat.

Good luck!



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I got my carpet kit from Stockinteriors.com (regular cab). It was for a 720 but it fit with some trimming as Mike says above.


The cool thing is that you can custom order the carpet with different types of pile and omit the mass backing because they are made to order. They also sell matching carpet by the yard, so I ended up getting some and carpeting the rear wall of the cab as well. They will also make floor mats to match, but I ended up getting rid of mine because they make everything too think and interfere with the gas pedal.


Edit: I just had a look on their website and no longer list the 720 carpet. But is lists 720 in the written description - if interested, I'd give them a call because they probably just removed it from the website as they probably dont sell many. They custom make the molded carpet kits, so I feel like they would still have the molds...




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