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L16 Racing Pistons/Ring

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Just yesterday I recieved my order from Wiseco for L18 domed pistons using L16 rods.


Wiseco used to stock L series race pistons, but no longer. They will do a 4 piece run as a custom order.


Being they are custom order, you can adjust pin height to use longer rods if you choose. The long rod L16 race engines use an L20B rod. You can also adjust the valve pocket depth and diamaeter if needed. You will need to give them a compression height and all the other piston dimensions needed to complete the order.


My L18 pistons were originally Stk# K518M855. (.020" overbore) This will get you a dome and valve pocket location that will fit any L series head as long as the spark plug side of the combustion chamber has been clearanced back to the cylinder bore. The head will hit the piston big time if this isn't done.


Wiseco, 1-800-321-1364

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