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1976 Datsun F10 Sedan windshield


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You have yourself a real unicorn.  It's hard to find a 521 or a 620 truck glass.............the 510 & the Z car are still available in cheap Chinese repop.  Even the aftermarket parts scene is low for the F10.  As a career classic car parts guy, I can't imagine any manufacturer ever reproducing parts for that model.  This a a great place to start, but good luck!  It may be a long arduous journey for you.............🙄

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Yeah, that's a pretty unique car, some might even say ugly.


When I describe the differences between classic full size Jeeps and classic Toyota Land Cruisers, like the FJ60, I describe the LCs as having a distinguished Japanese look about them. I think the F10 could be described the same way...It's a Japanese thing.


So if someone calls your car ugly, just tell them it's a Japanese thing. They wouldn't understand.

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In the TV show: Wheeler Dealers, season 14 episode 4, they flipped a 1973 SAAB 96, that needed a windshield. They went to a giant windshield warehouse in LA and found a different windshield that had the same contour. They used the old windshield as a template to cut out a new windshield from the center of the different one.

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I've heard that you can cut non-conductive stuff (including glass) with a plasma cutter by using thin strip metal or foil to maintain the arc.  I have an old windshield with some bad cracks, I think this summer when it's hot I'll give it a try. 

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