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KA24e engine and 5 speed.


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I was down at the junkyard today...successfully looking for a window for my Quest and a turn=signal switch (which they won't sell, w/o a column).


They have a '91 2wd D21 w/a KA24e w/a 5speed and 129K on it.  I was thinking of latching on to it, just because I might use it. I seem to remember that people think that a KA24 is the greatest thing ever, but it seems to only have about 10-15 more HP and torque....based on what I just read.  The Z24s torque peak is 800 rpm lower.  So, what am I missing?


I'd want the engine to put in my '86 720, or my sandrail (which I am building, and plan on putting a small carb on it, in order to make my VW transaxle live).   Has anybody Frankensteined a carb on to the FI intake manifold?  I assume that you can use the Z24 distributor on the KA24?  Yes I know that the cap has 8 terminals on it....but I can get 4 of em off.


Will that trans work in my 720?


The KA24 has 12 valves...are there any other advantages to it?


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Use flat aluminum plate for a carburetor adapter and a 32/36 Weber. For the distributor get an L20B matchbox from a '79 620 or an '80 720. The '80 A10 HL510 and the '80 S110 200sx also had a four wire matchbox. The Z24 distributor will also work.


The KA engines will also work on the 720 71B transmissions but the D21 Hardbody 71C transmission is best but will need driveshaft lengthened? slightly. 


When you buy this tell them they have to throw in the turn signal switch or no deal.

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