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Transmission Ratios


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I've got an '86 swb 2wd 720.  The transmission makes noises, predominantly above 4,000 rpm or so....it clatters.  It is the short trans.  It is a FW5W71B....I think, I got distracted on the way in from the truck.


I'd like to get a dif trans and preferably one with the lower 1st gear.  I am going to the local wrecking yard that has some 720s.  I will be looking for a Villager window and that will be the main subject of the quest.  But, I'll look around while there.  They have at least 5 720s, and at least one 620.


I did a search and am not sure that I found the answer.  But, I have to use a 2wd trans, due to the speedometer cable hook-up....correct???


Are there any models that were offered with the wide ratio trans?   What about in the cars?

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Indeed, 4x4 speedometers are driven from the transfer case so no speedometer in the transmission.


Your '86 will have an FS5W71B


F.... floor shift

S... special over drive 5th (some are direct 1 to 1 fifth for racing)

5.... number of forward gears

W... Warner synchromesh

71... mm between main and counter shafts

B.... style of shifter used


Mid ratio


1st..... 3.321

2nd... 2.077

3rd.... 1.308

4th.... 1.000

5th.... 0.833


You will likely want the wide ratio...


1st...... 3.592

2nd.... 2.057

3rd..... 1.361

4th..... 1.000

5th..... 0.813


 There are none in Z series that will just bolt to your engine. The '80 2wd 5 speed is L series so the front case would need to be swapped plus I don't think they came as a shorty. Other than that any diesel but again you would need to swap your Z series front case onto it. The '79 620 has a wide ratio L series 5 speed but definitely a long transmission at 31.5"


While in wrecking yard look for an '82-'82 S110 200sx with the Z22 engine. They were Z series engine, wide ratio and 31.5" long.

The '84 S12 200sx with CA18ET and CA20E all were wide and 31.5" long. Needs front case swap.

'85-'86'5 S12 200sx with CA18ET engines only were wide and 31.5" long. Needs front case swap.


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