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Electrical oddity


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Lately I have noticed that my 720 after sitting overnite my battery loses its charge.  I have checked the wiring for obvious wear or bare wires and have seen nothing.  The battery has been checked and seems OK and the alternator is putting out 13+ amps. As far as I know, only the clock is running after shutdown.   Anyone had this problem? 

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A fully charged battery has less power as it cools down. It's getting colder out so it will be normal to notice that your vehicle might turn over slightly slower in the morning.


13 amps?? You mean 13Vots??? Charging at 13v is a little low, just over 14v is better. To push a charge into a 12v battery a 2v difference is best. Take in to NAPA??? and have them run a load test on the alternator. It should put out 14.3 or so volts. Less could be one of the three diodes are bad.


At night just disconnect the battery and see if this solves the problem. If it does not help, the battery is maybe toast. If it doesn't then something is drawing power.......


Is the interior light off at night? the brake lights off? Does your horn work or disconnected?

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Just go to the Auto parts store and get your battery and alternator tested.if the battery is bad,that will end the test.In order  for them to test your alternator,your battery has to be good.If battery is bad,get new battery,then have them retest battery and alternator.If alternator is over charging ,they will say it is good.The volt meter in your 720 will read 12 volts when it is bad.Also you may have the wrong alternator.My 85 with A.C. uses the 60 amp one.50 amp is too weak.I had a 50 amp in mine by mistake and it didn't last but 3 months and had all kinds of electrical issues.When I put my Pink Floyd C.D. in,it sounded like they did too many shrooms...

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YOu have a volt meter in truck?

drive with the lights ON and maybe wipers or heater. what does the volt meter read? if low while driving with a load then the alternator is weak.

 I had a guy at work he could drive to work fine(2nd shift). leave at midnight use his lights then in morning a NO start.Was a weak alternator.  I gave him the cig lighter cker and he didnt believe it .



you ck if the battery cables good. end not cracked?  one can read 12 14volts with NO LOAD but loading it down can tell if the cable ends is weak.


Battery pushing 5 years old????? Be honest I got 12yrs of of a yellow Opitma/ The good ones before they went bad in manufacturing them






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