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Starting a build thread here for a newly acquired car...


This car has some history for me, it was my babysitters growing up.  She has since passed and her husband gifted it to me. 

Its a 1971 510, automatic with 33,000 miles.  Never been winter driven and has always been used as a second vehicle as long as I have been around.  The car hasnt moved since Y2K.


Here are some photos of when I went to see if it was salvageable and then a week later when I picked it up.













The car is in unbelievable shape, but I still need to go through everything.  The floor is solid without looking or feeling like it is rusted at all, but the undercoating is peeling off and you can almost just pull it off with your fingers.



Short term plans are to get it moving and plated with the least amount of changes as possible but with my history of heavily modified cars this is just to be able to drive it.

Its destined to be a street car and hopefully driven and can expect either an engine swap or EFI conversion with a manual trans and some of the other typical updates with paint.






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Worked at the boat works at the mill in Odessa for a summer.




Very minty. That tire a Bridgstone?




Only two hose clamps that are not original, nice. You should look up and maybe join The 510 Realm  from around Vancouver. https://www.the510realm.com/ There was a Datsun guy up around Madoc.

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1 hour ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

Oh man if I open the barn door and saw that I would be SHAKING with excitment


write in for the show" Roadworthy Rescue and have him fix it up and be on TV!!!!!!!!

Thanks, it was exciting to get under the car when I was there.


The car being auto and we were pulling it out of there with his ATV the gear selector wont leave park so I took the bolts off the driveshaft.

That is one of the first things I want to check out after seeing if the engine is locked up.  The oil is golden brown like new.

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yeah, the car was in a small accident and they arent 100%  The Owner told me that some old lady had the choke out and went into drive and drove into the garage wall.

still have to mount them all up to see how dented they really are.  The P.O started grinding the paint off so they look worse than they are...



The driver side fender is also a bit rusted (hole the size of a small apple) at the bottom where the cowl drain drips.

I havent spent much time yet getting into it so Im confident I can get it back pretty quick. 



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The drive from Marlbank to Tweed is a road with a lot of height change and we did it regularly in this car. 

the babysitter never did anything dangerous she was your typical little old lady but she would drive the speed limit and in this car it is a sensation I still remember. 

this will be more of a build than a restoration with all that said. 


those who have gone efi are there any easy crank and cam sensor options for the l16?  I see a few ready made crank wheel options for the 6 cyl z but not certain they are the same front cover

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Thanks, Im mostly wondering about the cam/crank.  Not really considering a Sniper system.


Im intending to be using some form of wire in ECU (either link or microsquirt depending how much I feel like spending that day lol) with a dual weber inlet manifold and some direct fit style throttle bodies in place of the carb.


Ive debated just welding up the inlet manifold, Ive done quite a bit of manifold work in the past but bolting things on instead of going down the custom rabbit hole is probably going to keep my sanity.

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Is there a reason that people swap engines as opposed to throwing on a turbo to the L series?  Understanding that there are much better engines, but adapting things can be a headache.


I've pretty much turbocharged every one of my project cars previously with good results but they were all cars that have traditionally taken well to turbocharging. (miata, s13, 1jz)


Weighing in options before I get there; slow slow cars are only fun for so long.  I also used to build turbo stuff...


Unrelated to this build, here are some photos of the exhaust bits I used to build...










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Yeah, Im proud of my work...I brag.


I once did all the stuff to RWD swap an FE3 into a miata and its not as simple as turbo stuff.



Im currently working through my cost/benefit for Kswap vs turbo L16...  Its swaying towards Kswap largely because most of the things I need to do will be consistent across platforms for what I would like to do.


manual trans swap, EFI conversion bits with harness work... The real difference is in the intake manifold, engine mount and transmission adapter for the honda engine.  An "as stock as possible" k24 could be the best cost:benefit if these engines dont take well to power...

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