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Holley Sniper EFI 2300 Kit for Datsuns

74 B210

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Hello Ratsun! I am writing this thread to see if anybody got a Holley EFI Sniper kit 2300 to work on their

Datsun its pricy but, when carburetors get impossible to find or get parts one day,  this might be a 

good alternative.   what are your thoughts???

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I looked into it when it was first introduced a while back.  I had an L20b in a 510, and I was a bit doubtful it might foul the hood.  Never got any farther than that.  I don't know close the truck hoods are to the stock carb setup, but it's worth checking it out carefully..





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Thanks Stoffregen Motorsports, I think that It would worth it and tunable. way easier than changing jets and messing with the stock carb or weber. its harder to find people to work on them.  I will keep all updated on how it goes when I buy the kit.  there is a guy who put one a good devil old willys jeep and it ran good, same horse power rating so I think it will work on mine.

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I have seen many old stock vehicles with those kits.  Model A Ford, on a Ford Maverick, early straight six Ford truck, Jeep 4cyl (as you mentioned). So yeah, not for horsepower, just simplicity.


The TBI kits, like Howell sells, are reliable too, but you couldn't pay me to install a GM TBI on anything I own.

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Avoid FiTech... I had massive issues with their customer service and tech. They wouldn't help me until started shit posting on their Instagram. They had flashed my unit with the wrong operating system model so I couldn't ever get it to run right and they kept blaming my installation. After 3 years of fighting they finally corrected my flash, but it was from the shit post campaign i was doing.


Holley 2300 will work, and likely 100% better than Fi-Tech will. 


The intake manifold looks like a Cannon or Offenhauser.


These units need a quality car battery and charging system too. If it dips below 12V your shit will not run.





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