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clutch hard to engage


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1984  4x4 king cab...  Something thats been going on for a while is my clutch has been difficult to engage. Mostly when stopped is when i notice it. I have to slam the pedal as far as i can to the floor board before i can get it in gear. For some reason I thought i had a manual clutch but i learned today its hydrolic. I finally got the cap off the resevoir today.  Holy crap there was barely any left in there. but not low enough to let air in..still that fluid must be in there since last clutch was done centuries ago.  So whats my next move?? must be a bleeder on the slave cylinder right?  on the transmission?? could have air in line or leak on the slave cylinder i am just guessing??   Thanks guys. get me a pic if you can... been wanting to take few more pics, but been dark now when i get home. maybe tomorrow

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Put some in. Have someone depress the clutch quickly several times and hold down. Loosen the bleeder and fluid will squirt out. Tighten bleeder. Raise clutch pedal and depress several times and hold down. Loosen the bleeder and repeat till only clear streams of fluid come out. Do NOT let the reservoir run dry. Once you have only clear fluid and no bubbles tighten the bleeder and you're done. 

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Bleed it and if it happens again it is most likely your slave cylinder. They are exposed to the elements and heat coming back from the engine. I seem to get about 7 years out of them and twice that for the master. If it is old just replace it and the hose if it is in your budget and see if you can source an exedy or Japan made unit.

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Doesn’t that truck have a clutch dampener, not sure if that’s the right term, on it? It’s inline between the master and slave cylinder? I’ve never understood what it does, but it has a bleed screw also. If air gets in the line could that cause an issue as well? 

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The '84 does. It has a rubber puck inside that presumably compresses slightly when there is a load on it. The '83 and up Z24 have a very large 240mm clutch and pressure plate. Some have had problems with them and removed and joined the lines together without any changes.


Presumably it removes harshness or smooths operation? 

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You can buy a one man bleeder kit from Auto Zone.I have one.Best to get a new slave cylinder,new clutch master cylinder and a new slave cylinder hose..Time to up grade your 38 year old truck,get the lifetime parts from Autozone. Your fluid probably is black,it will be all new and yellow.https://www.autozone.com/test-scan-and-specialty-tools/brake-bleeder?filterByKeyWord=one+man+bleeder+kit&fromString=search&isIgnoreVehicle=false&searchText=one+man+bleeder+kit here is the clutch master cylinder.https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/clutch-master-cylinder?filterByKeyWord=clutch+master+cylinder&fromString=search&isIgnoreVehicle=false. here is the slave cylinder.https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/clutch-slave-cylinder?filterByKeyWord=clutch+master+cylinder&fromString=search&isIgnoreVehicle=false. here is the hose...https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/clutch-hydraulic-hose-line/nissandatsun/720... This is what is on my 85 Nissan 720. I never ever have to buy them parts again except the hose.

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