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hi guys, been a while. still have my 1984 720 king cab 4x4.  38 years, the other day i went to fill thebrake fluid reservior and a clip broke on the cap.  i called all the auto parts stores in town. nothing,, ...  the dealer has one for 77 $ dollars, so i zip tied the old one in place.. I guess my question is what does my future look like for getting parts. Right now it looks bleak...to me anyway.  Should i open up a ebay account.  Really dont want to do that,,  Any positive feedback will be appreciated.


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I have at least a half dozen old brake and a few clutch masters laying around complete with caps. I can't be the only one who does this. Someone will have a spare.


NOS means new old stock or new obsolete stock, never sold by Nissan dealer, though a new part that was bought and is still in it's original package would be close. The rest might have been bought in  bulk from a Nissan warehouse that was clearing them out. As you can see, NOS is extremely rare to find. Unicorn rare, so don't believe what you see on e-bay or elsewhere. Almost all are knock offs from Taiwan/China/w/e and while some are fair quality they are NOT NOS and never could be. Anyone can print labels and boxes. In many cases you have no choice, just be aware that it's not really a Nissan part. Definitely NOT the same quality.

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Yeah,that happened to me,but it was not the original brake master cylinder,I did the same thing,put a zip tie on it.But I took it back to the auto parts store and got a free replacement,It has a lifetime warranty on it.If yours is the original cap.I found a brand new oem one but it is costly cause it is from over seas.The cap is 14.85,shipping is 34.96 for a total of 49.81..Not good to do that if it is the original.Just get a new one with a life time warranty,never have to buy another one,same as for the clutch master cylinder.Yeah,parts on a lot of stuff on our 720's are hard to come by.

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NOS parts, not exactly plenty on eBay, but there are some.  There could be left over counterfeits from the 80's, what is more likely though is parts in an old nissan box that are actually used parts.  I believe I've seen a few of these.  Probably, someone back in time, bought the part new from the dealer, replaced it and stored the used part in the box.

Someone else comes along, somehow acquires the part and assumes its in the box, so can't be used.


There is one 'company' here in the Los Angeles area, would follow the trucks to the dump, hauling parts out of the Nissan Warehouses locally.  


A few sources of legitimate parts, but not really a real methodical way of getting them.  Just hit/miss by checking them.

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took these today. bought truck new in denver. dealer put bigger wheels and tires on it..235s..  It also had brushed aluminum roll bar, and bumbers. Alloy  606 they called it. with bosch lights on roll bar. been trying to get some pics on for a while...

i will get some of the front soon




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