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Bicycles of our childhood

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1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

Should have guessed that from the size of the shorts. Don't sit back.


The reclining on the sissy bar position WITH SHORTS is supported by 4 out of 5 unlicensed chiropractors who recommend it for middle aged men trying to recapture their preadolecence. Seriously Mike, they wouldn't stand behind it if it wasn't safe. 



Bend it back stronger... You're killing me smalls. 

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18 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Where's the inclusive trans gender, the mono sexual, the tri gender, the non binary, the pangender, the genderfluid, the genderqueer and the demiboy???? Huh???.... answer me that.

Oh, get outta this thread you woke son of a .....


Damn, don't know which pronoun I should use.


sarcasm font should be applied to the above.

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20 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Where's the inclusive trans gender, the mono sexual, the tri gender, the non binary, the pangender, the genderfluid, the genderqueer and the demiboy???? Huh???.... answer me that.


All of the above...Only one missing is the Hipster-boy.


Excuse me,  The Hipster-them/they.






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1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

Hipster is a pronoun but a sexual identity?


Hipster is sort of a cross between a lumberjack and a steam punk dude. 


Not so much a sexual identity, but I always wonder...







Alright.  I'm now done shitting in the bike thread.








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10 minutes ago, dimlight65 said:

Who would have thought a pair of shiny, rainbow, hot-pant, Daisy Duke shorts would derail a thread this badly?🤣



Have you met us? lolol 


We turned a spammers thread into a titty thread;

that's been running for 13 years, has 33,264 posts and is 1,332 pages long.


7 minutes ago, datzenmike said:



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I correct speeling in the title so the Google search function will work. A post about breaks isn't going to help much and it looks like unprofessional crap. Spelling/punctuation in the text you're on your own to make yourself look good.

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Today I finally put the grips on!  First, a little heat gun action






Then I wrestled them on.






Then, I sized up the new purple chain to the old one






and installed it






And had John install the coaster brake bracket so if the paint got scratched, it would be the painter who scratched it!




And while the Crown Royal bag protected the top of the sissy bar, an old yoga mat protected the handlebars while we had the thing upside down... in case you were wondering.




Oh, and I added some purple valve stem caps





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I was thinking about a "Skid Lid" for when I ride this thing.  I wanted a Stahlhelm because chopper, but they are apparently super heavy.


Then I remembered buying a vintage Russian tank driver's helmet for driving the Seven in cold weather.  Thinking about dyeing it purple.













And now, a warning...






Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with THAT image burned into your brain! Muwahahahaha!

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Ok, we're getting there!  Today I installed a boing-boing springy seat post,






a double footed, "service stand" kickstand,






and a set of pegs... for all those times someone will need a pump!






John shot some video of me riding it that he will hopefully post for y'all, or you can hop over to my Instant Grams to see the absolute CRAP video I took of my first ride.

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