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Fitment Questions

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Came across some wheels at a fair price but want to see if anyone knows of any potential issues with fitment

Considering putting them on a 1993 Nissan Sunny truck - stock to the bone

I will eventually be putting flares on the truck, but want to get wheels fitted then flare to the wheel.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Front: 14x8.5 -13

Rear: 14x9.0 -19

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My advice is to never buy rims and make the vehicle fit them, rather buy rims that fit the vehicle.


Find out what are on the sunny for back spacing and width. New rims should have same backspacing though the width can be wider.


Find out the Sunny's tire height and buy tires that are the same height. Rim size doesn't matter.


For example a 160/75R12 tire is identical to a 160/20R19. Both are 6.3" wide and 21.5" tall. You could select wider if you want but keep the diameter the same so the performance and speedometer readings are unaffected.

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