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Winking, no blinking but nod working


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First... Doubtful but pull the plugs out of the headlight bulbs and be sure they are not corroded and making good contact. I could see one doing this but not both lamps.


Headlights are grounded through a relay that selects both sides high beams or both sides low beams. As  one side seems to be working I don't think it's the ground or both would be affected.


However the headlights are divided in how they are powered. On the fuse box the far right #15, 10 amp fuse powers the right hand side high and low beams. The #14, 10 amp fuse powers the left side high and low beams.


Second... I would swap these two fuses and see if the problem switches also. I think this doubtful as any resistance will cause heat that can melt the plastic. Have a look. Possibly just removing and plugging them in will clean the contacts and get it going.  


Third... is the headlight switch, the number one cause of faulty headlight operation from not working to intermittent to slow to turn on. Get some spray electrical contact cleaner lubricant and hose that switch down while turning the headlights on and off rapidly. Certainly separate the two part plastic clam shell around the steering column to get at it.



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