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Intake leak problem

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Pull the intake. make sure both mating surfaces are CLEAN and free of damage.

Get some of that spray copper gasket maker for good measure, it don't hurt.


Coat the new gasket in that; both sides, and bolt it down.

make sure you bolt them down in sequence and to TQ spec, or at least don't be limp wristin that shit.



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The cooling system is under slight pressure when warmed up, so yeah more noticeable.


The intake runners all have a coolant passage on the under side that collect into one and exit the manifold at a T fitting where it joins the output from the heater and then travel together down and forward to the inlet to the water pump at the lower rad hose. I would use a mirror and light and inspect the hose clamps there or feel around for wetness. If dry then has to be the manifold to head gasket.


Maybe it was off previously and another owner missed putting a nut on a stud or one of the bolts. there should be 8 fasteners. They must have washers.

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8 minutes ago, Datsun pickup said:

Does every single bolt need a washer? That is my problem if they do.



yes you should have washers... no that's not going to be he cause of all your problems...


If there are parts of the gasket that are water ports, put THIN coating of grey Permatex on each side.

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