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ImgUr is just too confusing

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Counter intuitive doesn't begin to cover it.  Stuff like:


I don't even know what Hidden and Public mean?  But it seems like if you make an image Public, you lose some ownership of the pic.  


If an Album is Shared to Gallery, you cannot add to the Album.


I clearly have NO IDEA what an Album and Gallery is since in most cases the two terms are interchangable.

I thought it was a good idea to not have Hidden, so I changed all my Hidden images to Public.

Now I find I cannot Edit them since they have been Shared!


All I was trying to do was organize uploaded images into Albums (or would that be Galleries)

I swear I actually accomplished this only to find that I DID NOT.

Why?  Oh Why?


And then there is the Use Old layout and no apparent way to go back to New layout.


I have no fucking clue - have no idea how to get help and now wondering if I should find another place to host a few pics.


Is this site crystal to anyone???

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I started that way but got all crossed up trying to organize into albums.  

I need albums (or are they galleries?)  LOL


I lose my HDD and will probably buy 1 month from Photobucket to get my pics back.  I must admit, they did back off a ton from their initial ransom.


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I use Imgur as well. All I ever do is go to images, click the resize button, and then import. Like DM, I only upload what I am putting on here and do not keep any albums or galleries.


I do, however, try to stay away from the home page and all of the left-wing bullshit found there.

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1 hour ago, KELMO said:

I use Imgur as well. All I ever do is go to images, click the resize button, and then import. Like DM, I only upload what I am putting on here and do not keep any albums or galleries.


I do, however, try to stay away from the home page and all of the left-wing bullshit found there.


Interesting, even when I started out using it in a most basic way for only posting pics on this site, I never noticed the Resize Button (!)

Did/Do you use the New/Current page or click on using the Old/Classic page?  I have trouble on both and then I get both mixed up and more confusion.  


I even looked at their Help areas and there was nothing on how to create an Album or what a Gallery was.  Moving an uploaded pic to an album... Crickets.

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I would guess a 'gallery' would be open for public view. An album is a collection of photos possibly connected like 'Uncle Bob's awkward New Years party'. Mine are all Datsun related like engines, heads, transmissions, 620, 720 etc.


Did not know there was a resize button, I just copy and import. Maybe automatic? Never explored the 'home page'. Could give a shit about it. The political 'bullshit' here is enough.

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The auto resize button is just below the add images button. I usually do the 640X480 for message boards. I click this button before adding images.

I have no albums, just pictures.

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4 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Found the resize/crop. Don't like that you can't move pictures around in an album. Meh, what do you want for free?


Yeah, I remember no being able to reorder which controlled what the album pic was.


Why didn't they just write a "user's manual" for the damn place?  


I guess people are making money with click bait on imgur - as soon as I made stuff public, I started getting clicks and my net is MINUS 22 clicks!   THEY HATE ME!


I think I have to edit EVER pic to make all Private again....  Argh!

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0Wy7Vzi.jpg3gVMAEA.jpgI use Imgur also,when I try to send pictures from my kodak easy share from my computer,it sometimes says it's too big,so I just send the pictures to Imgur,then use the URL to send to Ratsun.I have problems with Imgur when I am taking pictures from my phone and send to Imgur,but my computer has no problems.It has auto resize but I never had a size issue with Imgur.Imgur is a great site to store and send pictures,easier with your computer,I hardly ever use my phone.I have a zillion pictures stored on my computer.Check the before and after I tore my  building down that was on my property when I bought it in 1993 and had someone build the 16x24 shed on it,it's insulated,i did all the electrical work and paneling,it look's like a living room now.Just sent these thru Imugur..Before the tear down and after..That is my laptop under the green towel with Bose speakers...Check out my Bong...OSqqJVs.jpgBWkv9u8.jpg

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3 hours ago, bottomwatcher said:

Ok so if it Is in private can you still share here? Cardinal your not alone they hate me too. Apparently greasy datsun pics are not crowd pleasers.


Yeah, that's where I got in trouble:  PRIVATE is OK for hosting - if someone has the link they can view.   PRIVATE means people browsing imgur will not see your stuff and vote on it.

So I changed everything to PUBLIC and so to make it PRIVATE, internet posts say EDIT and then HIDE.  Which is crazy because it seems that once you make something PUBLIC, you cannot EDIT it!   And If the Boolean is Public/Private  why introduce Hide which implies yet another meaning?  Make a button "MAKE PRIVATE" not introduce a new, undefined word "HIDE"


Doesn't seem to be a way to make an Album Pub or Pri - have to do all the individual pics (!!!)    @(#$&@#^%#


It's impressive how they took something so basic and made it incomprehensible.


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6 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

Who gives a shit what other people think about your pictures. Voting on picture popularity is so 12 year old. Skip that crap.


I had NO IDEA imgur was a "voting site" and that PUBLIC simply meant people browsing could see my posts.  I saw a youtube how you can make money putting click bait on imgur which was interesting because they touched on a psychology that works.

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2 hours ago, Thomas Perkins said:

I didn't know people could go to Imgur and see my pictures,I thought it was private.I don't put them on there to be viewed by all,just to send them to Ratsun.net.I got it after I Joined Ratsun.net.I guess people can steal them.


Actually the default is PRIVATE which means no one can browse your pics - only those you give the link to.

Since all my pics are reference pics, I thought it would be nice if my "620" pics would show up if someone was searching for 620.

I had NO IDEA this was a Voting/Rating site with comments to boot - not unlike Facebook!  (Now it looks like once made PUBLIC, you cannot EDIT or make PRIVATE again!)

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Ha ha well maybe not so bad just a little 51 year old ass crack. Anyways be forewarned do not look if easily offended! This was a trip to Newfoundland this summer. After paddling kayaks to miles away from any other people there was no way my inner hippie was not going to swim in this raw nature in anything but my birthday suit.R7WJrzB.jpg

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