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Have you found the 620 Lil' Hustler to be a Chick Magnet?

Cardinal Grammeter

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I was 28 in 1980.  
Tried to find that Squire song, appears to have been just a sample of the drum in The Big Beat.

Found that simple, primitive beat was sampled 319 times (!)  WTF, a lay person could play that - why the sample???  why all the extra effort???  paying homage to BS??


In all fairness, Squire definitely had pipes!

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4 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

I was 8 in 1980...


You got me beat.


 I got 99 years but being old ain't one of them. Wad'I win? Adult diapers and some prunes?............ well, ok.... I guess.

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Good one, 99 year old saying ain't old.  That's what happens when you go along with what brain is sayin.  Most brains are full of shit which is kinda ironic since they are 60% fat (...are our brains evolved FAT?  LOL) 


NOTE:  Anyone remember the Dr. Who where space aliens landed on earth and setup a network of fat loss shops that gave liposuction.  They used alien tech to give customers awesome futuristic perfect fat remove.  


So why? you might ask!   Turns out the aliens had to build an army for an upcoming war and had the tech to turn fat into low thinking warriors.   So their mission was to harvest fat.


Gotta love Dr. Who


One has to continually audit what brain is trying to get away with (!)  like Dunning-Kruger

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 Best defense against aging?......


keep moving even if you crawl to do it.

avoid cunty aggravating people and situations.

howl at the moon.

laugh at the absurdity of life.

keep company with the young.

travel light, don't let baggage and possessions drag you under. . 

find the time for being alone every day.

don't worry excessively, or at all, there's really not much that matters.

marry a much younger woman



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On 10/13/2022 at 11:06 PM, Cardinal Grammeter said:


Yes, but many cars fit that category.  I don't know how much is due to Jap cars.  I know old BMW 1600's and 2002's don't get much of a rise, however I think the original Beetle might be popular. 

I know the Rust Belt here creates a completely different culture than West Coast.


NOTE:  Knew a rich, fit 50 year old player lawyer, into major womanizing, his office lights were on late night - the cops thought he was working late when it fact, he was banging away.  He had an $80k BMW back around 2000 and was bitching because the young stuff was completely oblivious to how expensive that car was.  He said they basically loved Corvettes - and cheap ones at that.  So he was rethinking best car for impressing young girls.  He too had a Viper and totaled it.  Put the engine in his boat.  Dude was chill though.


Don't sell the Vipers and new cars (like Demon, Hellcat, etc) short.  When I bot my new 2000 GTS  I called that car a Magic Car because no matter where I went, all eyes were on me and so many compliments etc.  (Of course, this was the exact opposite of street racing a Studebaker Lark - that car was so innocuous, it was like fucking with The Federation in a cloaked Bird of Prey.  So I wallowed in now getting total attention from the car I had.


They came out in 1996, and weren't many around so you got big attention.  The Viper was unique and not like a new Ferrari or Lambo - it was a Beast!  It was 110% BadAss like the AC Cobra - and short wheelbase too just to spice things up(!)  Bikers loved Vipers!  


Anyhow, check this story out - best Viper story I have:


I had a hot, sharp girl driving a broke ass Honda follow me into a gas station.  She walks up to me and says, "I've never done this before... but would you take me for a ride in your car?"

LOL, I'm 40 and one of the voices in my head is screaming, "Jerry Springer!  Jerry Springer! ..." the other voice, well, we know that guy.


So I couldn't say Yes and I couldn't say NO. 


So I said, "Tell you what, I'll give you a ride around the gas station lot."  So I did and hit the throttle once.  She was very happy and I started looking for a camera I thought I had in the car but couldn't find it.  I told her sorry I couldn't find my camera - I could have taken a pic of you with the car.


She says, "That wouldn't be a good idea.  If I got my pic taken with that car, I'd have to be naked."  


My initial reaction was, Marry Me, which is silly, but writing this now (and being a lot older), I would have played those words and I know I would have gotten a rise out of her.


I was doomed from the start - not a Player and Got No Game.  LOL   ....just a 620 now.


OMG, I thought of THREE stories of how children love Vipers:   (would have to be great car for a Cougar)


1)  Bike Week @ Daytona:  I'm crawling along in the traffic and there is this 12 year old boy who stopped on the sidewalk and watched me drive by - I heard his say to himself "...GTS Viper..." You could see the desire in his eyes.


2)  Slowly passed a school bus and all the kids emptied the far side and everyone was hanging out the windows cheering and screaming as I drove by.


3)  With a friend in Turtle Creek, at a stop light, and we heard this major cheering raucous off in the distance.  We looked and looked and there was this school at least a 100 yards away, where kids were again, out the windows screaming and squealing at the Viper.


Interesting:  children too young to drive by a mile were in love with Vipers which were rare and new.  I don't think you'd find children going nuts of any Datsun (or any other car for that matter.)  Viper was truly unique.  And yes the new Corvette has that 670hp NA 5.5 w/8500 rpm flat crank that is epic, but it's still a Corvette and pretty much looks like a $50k Corvette - again, just another Corvette.


Oh my, this is a long post.   Too easy when speed typing on a real keyboard.

Apologies (!)

I think some girls are seriously into trucks, and of all kinds, Beasts and Cuddly!  


My #2 epic female encounter in my 620 (probably already posted here somewhere...) was at a yard sale where they guy had a 16 year old total jail bate hot daughter:  Daisey Dukes, cowboy boots( something like those Women's corral boots https://gritroutdoors.com/corral/), cowboy hat, and a shirt tied off to about the size of a bra.  She walked right up to me, got right in my "grille", inappropriately close, and said, "I like your truck!"  I'm looking her in the eyes and immediately said,

"...and I know why!" 


"Cuz it's Cute!"   

...and that's the end of this story.


Girls like Stuffed Animals so the Cute Little Datsuns are just the ticket!   

It is also true, that as girls grow up, "liking cute" wanes.  (If a woman dresses too cute for her age, there are many issues with that.)

Honestly, if I was 12 and saw GTS Viper, I'd be wanting it too 😄

And yeah, a lot of chicks who are into trucks(I feels like those days it's even more compared to early 10s).

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