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Golden Gardens


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Bring your car and your woman. Maybe some icehouse if you want.


I have parking for 40 cars but only room to sleep maybe 10 people. :)


I actually have at the moment 3 twin beds in the spare bedrooms downstairs and a 7 foot couch upstairs. So we'll have some comfy sleeping arrangements for a few guests. There is room for floor sleeping as well. Bring your own blankets or whatever. The house does have heat though. :D


The garage will be open for those needing to do some last minute mods before the show.


sorry, no 510 or 620 parts cars in the yard... :o


added this event and Golden Gardens to the event calendar

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haha... I actually have a bunk bed setup so looks like Icehouse got the top bunk. Besides the three twins and couch you can sleep on the floor inside. No need to sleep in the bed of your truck. The carpet upstairs is pretty soft.


We can start at 4:00pm on Saturday. Icehouse should arrive a little early to help put up decorations! :D


and what I meant on the parts cars is that I don't have any parts cars for you guys to take parts from. :) so bring your own parts. But you're right, I'm not looking for any more vehicles. I'm trying to get rid of the ones I have now

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yes, all Ratsun.net members are welcome. Yes, it is BYOB because I don't have any beer or drink it.


I do believe you should say BYOBB unless your some sort of male pimp and I should leave my old lady at home? lol Not saying I am able to make it but me and the ol lady havent worked out what day were heading up. peace.

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I believe there is no more meet at Bahama Breeze.

Everyone on the south end will meet at my house the night before or you can meet here at 7:00am Sunday as we head out from my place.


We will drive up to Seattle and on 85th which is the street that leads straight into GG, we'll make a quick stop at Jack in the Box to meet a couple Datsun guys there.

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