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trying to save a spot will probably end in a fight... we're talking about mostly 17-19 yr olds with 240SX's and drift stickers... :D

not a good idea. I'd have so much blood on my hands. Don't wanna get my hands dirty


so who is planning to meet at 7:00am?


SISSY!... Just kiddin, i don't mind parking far away.

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I mean, let's caravan!


the current plan is to head up on saturday night and crash somewhere...hotel?


this way we can try to avoid the datsun-break-down-miss-entire-event problem. ESPECIALLY since both of our cars are very much in project state right now.


HELL yeah, come hang out with us. since you are a portland guy you should join up on piratesofslide.com, the site is kinda slow, but we're always doin stuff in real life.


i dont work till 6 tomorrow w00t!

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yeah i got it last night. i like these kind of deals where there isn't any money involved. she cruises nice. i remember when i sold it to him last summer, put the engine out of my k/c rally truck in there, a weber i had picked up some where and the 5speed that came out of my 77 truck. plus with the 4.11's, it cruises right along. plenty of poop for a long bed. i didn't run it too hard cause he's storing some of his jeep parts in the back and i didn't want to throw them around too bad, but did manage to hit 95 with out a problem.

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yeah watch those loose parts in the bed lol...


I havent forgotten, in fact do you still need that carb? I'm heading to my storage unit on wednesday and can grab it then... naything else while I got a stack of parts to dig through :D

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