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New 15/16 master cylinder in a 74 620


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14 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

This is a good resource. Though I'd hate to see all of them end up on cheap SOB's street cars when they deserve to be on vintage race cars.


Have you taken a look at the Moss Triumph drums? They look nearly identical and guys say they will work, though I've never actually tried them.


I have heard that you can use on Triumph & I think use Triumph on Datsun, but I do NOT know the details or what needs to be done.  When I was in British parts, I started to hear of some cross over parts, but I didn't get involved with the Z cars until I came here to Ignite 7+ years ago!  I was aware that you could use the Z car finned drums on a 510 if you cut off the outer lip on the brake backing plate, but I never looked at the possible TR6 cross over!

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1 hour ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Yeah, what's with the whole cast iron finned drum thing? I get it, but don't get it.


Ok, not cheap bastard then. I'm glad you referenced Mike's suggestion on the strut mod. That had me cringing too.


Hmph!! 😝  Well, I did Mike's split collar strut mod about 10 years ago on a budget build & never had a problem!  So there!! 🤪


There are a TON of old school cheap mods out there!  I see them on cars.  The 510 I just bought was built in the mid 80's, so there are some odd mods done, some I will upgrade, some I will leave alone!  I have a mostly complete set of the four generations (UFO, 510Again, Dime Quarterly ??) of the old 510 club newsletters & have read most of them.  Some sketchy stuff, but some really great ideas!!

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2 hours ago, iceman510 said:


  For the record, I am NOT a cheap SOB in the Ratsun (read: datzenmike) tradition.  No muffler clamps on struts here.  🤣


I have never used or suggested the use of a 'muffler clamp' on a strut conversion. The axial load capability is actually a function of the cap screw size used and not the split collar itself. Under ideal conditions and proper torque of a single M5 cap screw it will support 4,000 pounds. As there are 2 cap screws this doubles to 8,000 supported pounds. Two struts... 16,000 pounds or 5.8 X the weight of my entire 710. The struts only support the front of the car so say 60% of 2,750 pounds = 1,650 pounds.  


The rest is true. I am a cheap SOB.





2 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Yeah, what's with the whole cast iron finned drum thing? I get it, but don't get it.


Ok, not cheap bastard then. I'm glad you referenced Mike's suggestion on the strut mod. That had me cringing too.


I cringe when people throw hundreds and hundreds of dollars at adjustable coil overs that are adjusted once and then are merely for show and along for the ride. And a hundred plus each for inserts? I have this all for under $50 and includes the home made bump steer spacers. 

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Alright, my apologies for casting ill-considered aspersions.  You post a lot of pictures of suspension stuff you have done, and I guess I have mistakenly associated tales of said muffler clamps with some of your information.  I take it back. 😐

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Sounds familiar, but not by you. They would work but I suspect would suddenly not work and you can't have that. I have never had a problem with them, even hit a RR crossing too fast (driving way too fast and not paying attention) and I'm sure went full extension on the struts. Came down pretty damn hard but never bottomed the chassis out. (a good reason for stiffer springs and firmer shocks when lowered) I pulled over and inspected the split collars, never moved. After this I ran two small welds on the strut tube just below the split collar. No way the collar can slide down past this. These can be easily ground away but I'm as low as I'll ever go so no foreseeable need to.

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1 hour ago, iceman510 said:

I have no issue with the split collar approach.  I have a set of those here that I was going to use before I had a welder.  That project ended up in limbo though, so can't report on their durability.


That's one reason why I did it 10+ years ago..............I don't weld (well) & didn't want to bother a buddy! 

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