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polling, feel free to chime in on rising sun hoods.

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So as the title says I have been toying with doing a tasteful rising sun hood on my d21. I never do anything based on people opinions but they will give me some perspectives maybe I have yet to consider so any will be appreciated.


My concerns are that I live in nj, stones throw from nyc. The culture is quite a bit dif then say most parts of cali and the west coast where I see it being much more popular. Another would be that I have always considered it something for Datsuns not Nissan work trucks lol.


Opinions? thnx

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I personally DONT like the rising sun hood thang.


Sorry Hainz, the "originator" of this fad...however if we are going to show allegence, we might want to show it to the Stars and Stripes.


This is only my opinion and feel free to tell me to suck your balls or whatever!



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I have to agree with dave, I think it's a slap in the face to vetrans of that era, (pearl harbor) I know a couple of old dudes that were there, So if you want to fly a flag (stars & stripes) I have had my flag on my house for so long I don't remember when I put it up. Just my 02

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Guest DatsuNoob

I like them when they're done a little different than most. Mine's almost a reversed version. My inspiration to do mine was just to cover a huge gouge in my hood, so I made one of the rays go through it. As for national pride and a slap in the face to our veterans, isn't the right to sport a banzai hood part of the freedom they fought for? Isn't freedom to express ones' opinions, thoughts, and ideas without oppression part of what makes this country great? My hood doesn't mean I hate America, or that I bastardize my country by embracing eastern culture. For me, it symbolizes my respect for Japanese auto engineering (Nissan products to be more specific). They seem to have their shit together more so than our auto manufacturers, so they must be doing something right :fu: They've been giving American people what they want for over 40 years, maybe GM and Ford should remove their heads from thier asses, and take heed to the demands of the consumer.

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My Grandpa fought in the war, out of everyone I know he has the best memory, he doesn't forget anything!! He talks about his military days quite often. I had a "Nazi punks fuck off" patch on my sweater, damn he got pissed!! But he owns and drives a VW bug. I've driven my dime over there countless times and he hasn't said anything. If it was disrespectful in any way he would definitely say something. like stated above they fought for freedom! My gramps has actually had a flat top haircut since then too :D


I know a lot of guys that don't like the hood and would never put it on there car, I for one like it, its like a club sticker. It kinda makes you feel part of something.


I do buy made in the USA products for my car when I can, like my Burns Stainless muffler. :D I don't want the flag on my hood though :D

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Im getting the rising sun tattoo'ed on my ass :eek: JK ha ha I tried to paint one on a rusty hood I had........not very artistic I supose, It looked like shit. Actually Im Canadian maybe I should paint a big ass maple leaf on the hood ?????? JK again...I like the rising sun logo there was a guy not to long ago selling huge ass flags or blankets on the side of Meridian, one was the sun logo, almost grabbed it fo my garage decor

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The problem is that some people will take offense thinking Pearl Harbor when the original intent was just to fly the my-car-was-made-in-Japan flag. Those shots at Canby with all the Rising Sun hoods look pretty neat.


Dunno WTF folks on the Right Coast will think.


Haven't decided whether I'll do it or not. Thus sayeth another retired Navy veteran.

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I dig the rising sun thing, but it's not for me... It's gotten really mainstream, so mainstream infact that cars other than datsuns, or nissans for that matter, have been doing it...


I'm generally not one to to follow trends. Icehouse, hainz and a few others obviously weren't following a trend or even trying to start one so they are exempt.


It looks cool, but like I said, it's not for me...

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I have had to explane it to several people who just didn't understand.

You know, "What the hell is that about?"

Well, let's see. The Datsun logo is made up of a banner that houses the first three letters of the Datsun creators last names(D,A &T) and added SUN to the name. They wanted the "rising sun" to be the backdrop of thier logo. That is why there is a red sun behind the banner.


SO, in my opinion anyway, it's a tribute to the gentlemen who gave us these bitch'n little rigs to play with. Plus it looks cool.:cool:

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i really like the rising sun flag and really like the culture. i have a flag in the room im in and have a belt buckle on that has it. i rock one on the gas door on my 1200 and when i get around to it, i will be painting it on the roof. im also doing a japanese themed interior on the car so it fits it really well. on my 320 i had tossed around the idea of doing one on the roof since its a white roof and red on the rest. i decided i would never put one on that truck because im always taking it to local car shows and mostly consist of older people that might take offense and look down on me because of it. i have made friends and met a lot of people there that have been real cool and loved my truck and dont want to do anything to change that. on the other hand, pearl harbor and other events during that time took place a long time ago and we are now friends with japan and buy stuff from them everyday its not at all a big deal to people.

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Wow, a lot of good responses on both sides lol. I didnt expect to check and see 20 responses.


Just wan't to say I don't see it as a national pride thing. As explained it has to do with the origin, history and pride of the car/lineage etc... Again thats to me.


The right coast is the wrong coast for all things datsun/nissan truck.


Idk if its played out there or getting there but here def not. Maybe there is a reason haha.


I think for me it's a bit flamboyant, both my cars are flat black. Thats where I'm at anyway. It's hard for me to not like it done properly as well but maybe just on other cars.

The tailgate is interesting, anyone sporting that? Couldn't find any pics.

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I did it as a Joke as it it is one of the cars*the 510) that put Japan on the start of becomming a automotive power house. Plus the 510 and 240 Z bankrupted the British sports car industry. Wher eia MGB, British Layland and others.


I wont never put a Rising Sun on a really straight mint 510!!!!


The Rising Sun was not my idea just just scamed it and put it on my beater as a joke. Live the Image. As Jap cars became more popular it got more accepted.There is a Honda S2000 now near me with one on the truck lid!

But there was a WW2 documentary on how Datsun and the Rising Sun became the start of a Rising Japan industrial complex!!!!!!


Now putting a American flag on a Jap car dont make sense.!!!!!

Or a Red Neck putting a Confederate Stars and Bars on a Toyota landcruiser.Which I have seen also.

It make sense to Put a Union Jack(British Flag) on a Jaguar, Mini,MGB ect


As for America its self I am a Big supporter of America. I too serve this country in the Airforce. But I dont brag about it anymore cause most people dont care(esp College kids) it just meant your were to poor to go to school.


I try to buy USA made stuff when possible, Boots tools ect...

I am also a big supported of the big 3 auto companies bail out. Why, Untill I see the Asian countries lower their tax on Imported cars in to their country its going to be hard to compete and we the USA cannot loose our industry.

The USA has only 300million people and there is no reason why we cannot make more cars HERE to sell to the world than the Chinese making Jeep Cherokee's in China costing 75,000$. Yes a Grad Cherokee cost 75K in china when its assembled there. Why it cost so must that the Chinese govt puts such a high tariff on imported axles and parts from the US that the price skyrockets(Chinese govt is 51 percent share holder in the Joint bussniss). American car/trucks are very poeplar overseas Just that tariff and regulations imposed on ther make it hard to sell out stuff.

Korea only imported like 5K car into the country. Korea is not a Poor country anymore.



I did the the Rising Sun to be a little different and as a joke. As Canned Spary paint was cheap and my hood was already multicolored anyways.

I hear alot of Datsun owners wanting to be a little differnt. Well you can be the first in your area to do this Esp if your area is a low import car area.

Youll be fine. people will give you the thumbs up and other will Say. The war is over( i heard this one). But If I run into this guy again and he says that then I will say, The war is Over when the big 3 go down and you made fun of my datsun and now the parent Nissan company is running the show.



PS If I ever buy a new rig Im going to try to buy a jeep!!!!!!69% US content

but the Nissan xteras look cool also!!!!!!!


As for all the Rising Sun Hoods?????

Frank Rizzo's son Dillion ,Thrillion Dillion on here has been pumping them out. last time I heard he made like 13 rising sun hoods!!!!Talk to him about flooding the market. As now i see 240sx's with them now!!!!!!!!!!!






I also seen a license plate (w/old man driving )that said. "Pearl Harbor Survivor" he was drivng a Honda accord. If anybody has a right to rank on Jap cars that would be him!!!!!!!!

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i tried it on my gas door on the 240, was a no go. i posted some pics, it was BAD! i am going to do not a tilt bed like PCD, but i want it to open like the hood, but the other way. i have had the hinges for quite some time and just never said anything. Always feels like were making the same truck. well i am going to weld shut the bed, and weld sheet metal over the top. then i was thinking if the rising sun on that, that way at shows, i open the bed and BAM! there it is. also, when i stop to get gas, :D

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only if you have side drafts :lol:


done right they are a good fit.


i wont put one on the goon, as it has a roof rack :fu:


Hey Slodat, ever hear about of the Battle of Los Angeles while you were there?

ever see '1941' w/john belushi? classic!!!



was on "underground cities"(history channel) on the 7th.

when i was in SB, i lived about a mile from the 'torpedo hit' :lol:




Now putting a American flag on a Jap car dont make sense.!!!!!

Or a Red Neck putting a Confederate Stars and Bars on a Toyota landcruiser.Which I have seen also.


or a harley sticker on a honda...

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Man, I wish my truck was a different color..I would put a huge red dot on the hood in a hurry! The rising sun has always been cool...I have just always wanted to do the red dot instead. I had a white Toyota FJ60 that I always thought would look flippin sweet with one on the doors and one on the hood. I was pulling Jeeps, Chevy and Ford trucks (and even a lifted Dodge dually) out all the time...I thought about doin the little logos on the front fenders like the WWII fighters used to do. :DThat would have been rad! Maybe someone out there with Photoshop can hook this pic up with some.




My Grandpa was in the Pacific during WWII. He has seen the atrocities of the conflict and still haas a hard time talking about it.


He has had several Japanese vehicles since then. I recall his first Datsun 521 well. I actually built my truck for him..for his 80th birthday a few years ago. Man...he loved it! He drove it all the time and smiled all the time...especially when someone offered to buy it!:lol:He liked the Datsun more than his restored 65 VW bug.


I think that patriotism is made up of way more than what kind of car you drive.


We should be worrying a lot more about the Chinese goods flooding our markets and laying waste to our economy every day. :mad:I would never paint a Chinese flag on anything I ever owned. If I was a swearing guy...I would insert one of those "flipping off" guys right here.

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