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Datsun L series auto trans pix

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I looked at this and while it probably will bolt on I saved the bell from the L4N71B because I knew it worked. The L471B bell bolts to the overdrive unit and not the tranny case itself. I'll try to get around to puilling it out of storage.

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Great chat- I don’t know if this is useful information but for the 71-WPL510 I built in the 80’s I installed a Z24. I had to weld a 1.5” tube through the pan for the drag-link to go through and I heard the best JATCO at the time was in the ZX-Turbo so I use one. I don’t remember why but I sent the converters to Hugh’s Converters and they cut the converters at the weld on a lathe and used the Z24 on the engine side and the L28 on the trans side and welded up the seam. I also had them give me a 3 grand stall speed which is perfect for a long stroke but overheats in the VG’s

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I had only 2 Datsun yokes I cut off drive lines to slide on the trans so they wouldn't leak when I pull the transmissions and the big 1 worked on this trans the small 1 was for B210's and I cut the splines off the out-put shafts big and little to align clutches and they slid rite in the yokes so I kept them as a set and they worked on everything, standard and auto that's one of the reasons we smiled working on Datsun/Nissan

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Maybe you can answer this question. Did the zx turbo automatic have a larger driveshaft spline? I think it did.

I was remembering last night that the shop that built my turbo trans for me used a non-turbo main shaft and put the bigger drums on it to hold more clutches and steels and built me an extra strong jatco. I think they used the smaller main shaft so a normal size yoke would fit which was easier to find so I would like to change my answer to a definite maybe, I don’t think I ever pulled a turbo jatco in my 50 year carrier to know for sure. Jatco’s never broke so we didn’t ever had to mess with them, they went into this fail safe mode when 1 ½ qt low on ATF and went into neutral when all the others liked to burn themselves up when low on fluid.

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Has anybody tried bolting the 3-speed bellhousing on the 4-speed case yet? Just wondering as the L-series overdrive is almost impossible to find now. I can however find them for other applications all day long.

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You mean a 3N71B automatic front case onto an L4N71B automatic? Yeah I looked at that and no it won't swap. It's close but the L4N71B bolts to the over drive unit. Also (and this was many years ago) I think there is an external oil line that enters the front case to feed into the overdrive unit.


I dare say the cases could be cut carefully and welded together to use a different engine bolt pattern.

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 I am going to pull a Lazarus here.  Sorry.


1972 240Z with the JATCO 3N71B uato trans.  If I put a torque converter out of a 1972 510 wagon with floor shift into the Z, if SHOULD stall higher and make acceleration must faster.



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JATCOs were installed on April '71 and on 510s at about the time they switch from column to floor shift so you're ok there.


The Z and ZX did use the same converter and it's a different part number than the 510 but also used in most 4 cylinder 710/610 A10 S10 even the 620 truck so probably all the same. The biggest difference would be the number of clutches and plates inside.


However!!! The 280zx turbo automatic was much different. It had extra plates and clutches and a modified vacuum diaphragm for firmer shifts to contain the turbo power. (I think the internal line pressure relief spring was also stiffer for higher pressure) The internal first and second gears were also different and lower.


Regular 3N71B





280zx turbo 3N71B



1.000.... this gets the engine and turbo spooling faster.


Here's the kicker. The stall speeds is increased on the zx TURBO converter from 2,200-2,300 to 2,400- 2,700. Again to spool the turbo faster at a lower vehicle speed.

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