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Chipping away at my interior. Used foam-backed, perforated marine vinyl to a new headliner.


Trying to keep it as unmolested as possible. I cleaned up the factory sun visors and factory kick panels. I replaced one heater hose and the heater boot. The steering wheel is unrestored and in amazing shape. Whatever plastic Datsun chose to use on the steering wheel grenades when light touches it. The factory floor mats are also in excellent shape. 




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Not a big victory but a victory nonetheless.  Breather tube installed. Inspection lamp installed. I'm excited because this is the actual truck lamp with the longer legs, not the sedan lamp that's more easily obtainable. I had it re-zinced in yellow which was the OEM color. 





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Used a plastic razor to pop the mirror out of the housing so I can swap arms. The attached arm was pitted badly and I have an unpitted spare. I worked the razer around the edge until I could get it behind the mirror and gently pried it out. The thin rubber gasket behind the mirror was roached so I'll probably use a thin bead of RTV or silicone when I put it back together. The OEM glass is a grey mirror which is cool to preserve. 




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3 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Too bad there aren't more shops that specialize in pot metal restoration.

Ogden Chrome in Utah did nice pot metal work years ago.  I have not seen any of their stuff recently.  I may have them do my tail light bezels.  Probably cost a large fortune.

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R and D on another NL part... The fuel filler box. Pictured is version 1.0 that I test fit and modified. 2.0 should be a dead ringer, better than OEM. It's printed in TPU which I stress tested in gas for a week. It's flexible for easy snap in installation. The factory boxes are trademark Datsun plastic that can grenade at any moment. 



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16 hours ago, thisismatt said:

First, get a box.  Cut a hole in the box...


Show us in place?

I had to cut it up a little to get it installed just right. I modified the CAD and sent it back for printing--I'll post pics of it installed when the new one comes back.

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Here's what I'm hoping is a snapshot of the final CAD drawing. It's a fairly complicated piece. The right side has to accept the gas door and the behind that lip is a wedge that snaps into the body. It screws into the left for the gas door hinge and snaps into the right side. I'm printing it out of a flexible, gas proof material. The flexibility makes install a breeze unlike the rigid, brittle OEM box. image.thumb.jpeg.da2837554157161ce93e5599f22e36cc.jpeg

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