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Hey axle/diff experts!

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been working on my 92 2wd d21 for a year plus. I threw 31” tires on after a suspension lift. Buuuut I want some low end power back. 

looking for ring and pinion sets for this HF35/H190 axle. Stock is 3.54 gearing but I’d like 4.11, 4.375, or 4.625.


4x4 parts is the ONLY place I’ve seen that sells them and they said they will not restock. They only have 4.8 in stock now. 

I’m exhausting all my options trying to find some of these, before I have to give up and consider going down on tire size


 any other vehicles use the same axle?

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Yeah, 4.88s would be a massive jump from 3.54s.


Have you tried calling Randy's or West Coast Diffs? How about Nitro Gear? Or maybe reach out to someone overseas, like in the middle east or Australia. Those countries are littered with Nissan 4x4s. I have a contact in Saudi Arabia I could ask.

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PL521 with L16 were 4.375


620 gears were all 4.375 with the exception of the '73 automatic 4.625 and the optional '79 4.11


720 4x4 up to 11 '82 were 4.375



Have a look at the V6 D21 Hardbody 4wd. They are a little heavy duty at H-233 but should be the same width and leaf spring spacing and lug nut pattern as the H-90 axle. These weren't lower than 4:11, 4:375 and 4:625 and often LSD. The H-233 is larger than a Ford 9".



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