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73 pick up timing marks

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i have a 73 datsun pick up took the distributor out a few years ago to put a cdi in would not run right it has only 35000 miles on it took it out marked the the timing marks on shaft on little plate on block with a pencil all i had been a couple years cant see it going to sell it i dont deserve it thats all i have done to since 2010 when i bought it im 72 cant drive standard no more ran good before i messed with started it once a week before i took distributor out advice please.on what marks to line up.

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The distributor can't be put in wrong. It only goes in one way. If you took it out 12 years ago it will go back in the same position. If the timing was set back then it will be still set now.


I would put back in and get running. Loosen (just barely) the distributor adjusting bolt and turn distributor clockwise to advance and counter-clockwise to retard. I have my doubts you'll find the timing marks so advance the distributor till it pings under full throttle acceleration then retard it in small increments till it just goes away.



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yes it was running just fine the other day looks like that was not the problem some one checked his car with my coil and most likely got it wired wrong when he put it back even put a little jumper wire on negative side running to nothing trying to find picture of it to see how wires run from coil got 3 manuals none show it those things on line are to hard for me to old to be fooling with it any

way its got a red and black wire to positive on coil nothing on negative side  my bypass resistor what we called them on chrysler products has a blue and yellow wire going to it and a black wire they are combined in tape with the red and black wire runs to cab other side has one black and white wire only person has a datsun truck in san antonio around this year or car they cant speak english just want to get it running again and sell it cant drive a standard no more or i would keep it.thanks for listening to old man ramble.




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