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weber 32/36 carb installation

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i put a new OEM pump on this truck last year.I have replaced all of the filters. i guess my next move would be to replace the rubber fuel lines.i replaced the ones under the hood,but not coming from the tank in about 15 years since i last had the bed off for a paint job. will i have to remove the bed to replace the rubber lines coming from the tank. nd i will drain that tank .thats a good idea. i have not done that since i have had the truck.

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No.you can get to the hose from your rear tire inlet.real easy.That hose comes from the fuel tank to fuel filter,then another hose from filter to bottom of fuel pump,then another hose from top of fuel pump to metal fuel line..My fuel filter got clogged before,it wouldn't start.I took the fuel line off the Weber and put it in a mason jar and tried starting it and no gas came into jar.Was happy that it was not the fuel pump.I did put a new filter in the pump after it started up.Remove your gas cap to let pressure out so gas won't come out.If you just change your fuel filter, get a vise grip to clamp on the hose coming from gas tank to stop gas from coming out.Use a 10 mm nut driver to remover screws to remove fuel pump cover.Then clean it up and paint it flat black.

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18 hours ago, nissan720 said:

while i am on the subject of fuel.anyone here ever replaced the fuel pump check valve?

Electric fuel pump does not have one.There is a filter in the fuel pump.Here is a new one..The Nissan dealer has them for 14.22 which includes shipping.Cheaper than the ones on Ebay.I just put one in mine,Which means I need to get another one.It's best to take fuel pump off,then turn up side down and get wrench and remove cover,then filter.My gasket was good.Nissan has the gaskets for 5.92and the part number is 16407-29900


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banzai510 you were right .the timing is off.had a guy come over to my house and check it out. hopefully i can get him back over here to time the engine. he would have done it then but his son had a soccer game. if i knew how to do it i would do it myself.

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Check out this youtube channel


He has some really good info for the weber 32/36 I used it when checking mine recently.  Could be blocked or buggered accelerator pump.  Mine was blocked from sitting after running on dirty fuel by last owner I think, all gummed up.  removed jets, squirted cleaner etc till it came out where it should.



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