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74 620 New Wheels

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Hey, so I went to go get a front disc kit for my datsun, and the stock 14 inch wheels do not fit the brakes (even thoo the kit says its for 14 inch wheels and up). So I would like buy some new wheels but when it comes to offset, lower, and back spacing I am lost. 




These are the wheels I would like to get. Is the 4inch back spacing on these wheels too much? For the brake kit I need at least 16 inch wheels. 

I know a lot of choosing wheels comes from what I want the truck to look like. Honestly I do not want to ruin the truck at all or make it look like a chevy. I would like to lower it 2 inches in the future. Thanks for the help. 


Here is a picture of my datsun, let me know what yall think



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I just picked up a '77 620 last weekend.  I too would be interested in some input from others with experience with what width and offset wheels work on a 620 without any sticking out past the fenders.  I have not had opportunity to play with mine yet, but I will probably try the 16 X 7 wheels I have on my Hardbody to see how they fit.  I can't recall the offset of those.



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Hey, thanks.  I have drawn these up on my own over the years and used other fitment calculators, but never seen this. Cool.


I also did look through the truck wheels thread for some ideas.  Looks like larger wheels aren't too hard to fit on a 620.



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