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Ultimate Hitachi DCH-340-xx Carburetor Rebuild Kit: Tomco 5321D

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EDIT2:  There is No Question, Tomco is THE outfit to get a DCH-340 carb kit from.  They've applied the One Size Fits All to their approach to carb kits - add a few extra gaskets and you turn 3 different kits into a single kit.   I finally received mine and for the first time since I've had my 620, about 10 years, I actually have the correct air horn gasket in my hand.




Alcohol resistant and has 4 air horn gaskets including the one for my L18 that I was never able to find over the past 10 years.  (Mine is the top, left one (!) )


EDIT:  Talked w/Tomco:  Years ago they decided to combine kits that only had slight differences - this approach reduced a typical kit line of >600 kits to just over 200.  The "D" is the revision of the kit.  So alcohol resistance should be assured since D is the current revision - and perhaps 20 years old.  It is also to send in your DCH340 to a different company (Tomco was slip up) and have it rebuilt.  You'd have to go through O'Rielly, etc.  Carbs Unlimited have the contact info (carburetion.com)


The kit number is 5321D and is $30 @ the above link.  It is all over eBay as cheap as $12 however if older stock, don't know if older stock will be alcohol resistant or will have the 4 airhorn gaskets - I've never seen a kit with 4 of them. 


DCH340 airhorn gaskets are like snowflakes, if you look at the LUV truck ones, they are all different too and I'm sure it doesn't stop there.  




Product Details:
KT-5321D CARB KIT Fits Hitachi 2

HI-2 Nissan 68-80 Kit includes Ethanol resistant carburetor components - accelerator pump needle and seat bowl gasket base gasket misc gaskets and washers with instructions

Product Application:
Applications: Hitachi 2bbl Nissan 68-80

Manufacturer Info:
Manufacturer/Distributor : Tomco inc
Manufacturer Part Number : KT-5321D

About Tomco inc :

Product Specifications:
Weight: 0.70 lbs.
Reference Number: 427.KT-5321D.1

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