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Frontier KA swap vs 240sx KA swap????


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I am interested in doing a full KA swap on my ‘70 521 but I am having a hard time finding a complete swap out of a 240sx. Anyone have any experience with the frontier KA’s. Would the swap be any different ? Any advice would help thank you 

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Only have some info on the D21 Hardbody swap. They used a shorter 5 speed and the engine intake was much different with the EFI wiring combined into the main harness. The 240sx EFI wiring was separate and easier to work with and remove. The Hardbody engine was a lot lighter and didn't have the crankshaft girdle. It was also a rear, or more rear, oil sump pick up like the 521 where the car was a front sump. I would imagine the truck KAs would be more plentiful and cheaper.

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Absolutely. The 240sx uses a smaller diameter pressure plate so if keeping it use the matching 240sx release bearing collar. Collars and pressure plates should always be kept together when swapping transmissions.

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For a 521? you should put your vehicle and year in your profile for anyone to see.


  40221-04101  is the Nissan part number. Also used on the Roadster. Others may work.

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