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1979 Datsun 210 front suspension help..

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Hey, I have a 1979 Datsun 210 wagon I’m going to be replacing the front struts on. It has 165k original miles on it, and every mechanical part I’d say is pretty close to original, so everything is failing. What all should I replace when replacing the front struts?. I’m keeping it stock and bought kyb struts, wasn’t sure what all else to get, or where to get them. What all does the strut come with? I got a factory manual with an exploded view, looks like I should replace the dust cover, bound bumper rubber, spring upper seal, dust seal, strut mounting bearing, and strut mounting insulator…? If I should get all of this, where to get it? Does any of the parts interchangeable with other years and models? Thanks for your time in advance..

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The strut doesn't wear out only the damper (shock in N America) inside. The stock damper is an oil bath type with the strut tube filled with hydraulic oil surrounding the damper mechanism. You say you bought KYB struts but do you mean KYB inserts? I'll assume this is what you have.


KYB Excel-G 365060 - Buy Auto Parts


Disassemble the stock strut*, remove the gland nut and lift out the damper. Drain the oil and put the KYB insert in. I assume it comes with a new gland nut and nut for the top hat. The insert must be the same length as the strut tube or it will rattle up and down in use. If slightly shorter you can stack washers under it as shims.


*Restrain the coil spring before undoing the top nut. Sudden release of the stored energy can kill or maim you.







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Ok, shock, strut, dampener, whatever. Not needing any help taking apart or assembling. Just a list of parts that I should also replace when replacing the “shocks struts dampener, whatever”. Which I was able to do on my own. Now, for the real question, where can I find the stock top hats/ strut mount ?. Correct me with another term for top hat/strut mount, mike. And no, I don’t want camber plates.. Do the top hats interchange between models?. Any benefits of using another models?. Found 68-73 510 top hats that they say interchange with the 280zx on Z Car depot.. I wrote them and KYB, haven’t hear back..

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I don't know you or your mechanical ability or experience. Didn't want to say take strut apart and you kill yourself doing it.



If just changing the strut insert then nothing changes, use your top hat. Camber will be unaffected too.


The 710 top hat has the center offset slightly. If you rotate and move the 3 studs clockwise or counter clockwise it will add/subtract camber.


My '74 was offset to the inside on the left



I think the 280zx hat is thinner than the 510 so the body would sit slightly lower. Lower is always better.


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Thanks Jesse, this was helpful for some other questions I might have, but I could not find anything directly referring to the top hat/strut mount. My question is, will a 68-73 Datsun 510 strut mount work?. I read something about the holes not lining up, but nothing from anyone who’s done it. Or is there anywhere I can find the stock ones for a Datsun 210(b310)? Thanks again..

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I've never seen anyone proactively replace the top hat/bearing/insulator, and then I've never seen any *new* ones available anywhere.  I think your only options there will be lucking out with some NOS on ebay, used, or aftermarket camber plates...or some other Frankenstein parts from something else. 

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From to to bottom the 'top hat' is made of the

insulator (part with the 3 studs).............. not same part number but may simply be taller or shorter and have the same 3 bolt hole pattern.

bearing........................................................ same as B-210

dust seal..................................................... same as B-210

upper spring seat ..................................... same as B-210

210 and B-210 coils are the same diameter (different length)


The individual parts for the top hat are different part numbers between the 510 and the 210 however, the spacing of the three studs might be the same.


The 510 coil spring is 5.12" in diameter and the 'upper spring seat' has to fit that size, so if your front coils are different diameter they will not fit the 510 one.  Yours appear to be 3.94" outer diameter. Check this



I would be looking for a pair of B-210 struts. or the top hats from them.


  B110 B210 B210
B310 1980-1982 B310 1980-1982
B310 1980
wire diameter 10mm 10.5mm 10.8mm 10.5mm 10.8mm 10.5mm
coil diameter 110mm O.D. 
100mm I.D.
100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm



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Thanks for the information mike! So to be clear, your saying the b210 bearing, dust seal, and upper spring seat will work in a 210(b310)? I’m actually looking to lift it, so if it does give it any lift I wouldn’t mind. Im hoping do strut spacers, can you point me in a direction for some that may work?. 😬 no worries if not, was thinking of making some, just want like a 2” lift… Thinking of doing the gambler 500, and I like gravel road driving..

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It appears that only the top most part with the 3 studs is a different part number between B-210 and the 210. Could be anything... stud pattern different, though I can't see why, height maybe? 

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